Dr. Bryan White, MD Encourages Dosage Reduction Protocol for Antipsychotic Medications in Dementia Patients

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Dr Bryan White MD Dr Bryan White MD

Dr. Bryan White, MD is a practicing Internist in Dallas, TX who encourages reform and upgraded technologies to improve both physicians’ and patients’ experiences. Dr. White presented a dosage reduction protocol for antipsychotic medications in dementia patients to the Texas Medical Foundation open forum.

For decades, Dr. Bryan White, MD has championed better medical care and improved procedures in facilities across the country. He consistently encourages upgrades in technology and medication and often prompts doctors to seek alternative solutions or reduced dosages instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all type approaches to care.

Dr. Bryan White, MD graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine in 1992, and he has been in practice for nearly 30 years now. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and a Diplomate of the Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Recognized for his distinguished work, White has also received a subspecialty board certification by the ABIM in Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

Dr. White has opened the discussion of dosage reduction protocols for antipsychotic medications in dementia patients. He first presented this idea to the Texas Medical Foundation open forum where it quickly gained traction among his peers. Open forums such as these allow professionals to propose ideas and collaborate on new solutions to improve care everywhere. Nursing home administrators and directors of nursing participated in Dr. White’s conference call from all over the state.

“The Texas Medical Foundation is known for impactful campaigns and expert consultations that help improve physician offerings across the state,” says Dr. Bryan White, MD. “It’s the perfect environment for discussing a dosage reduction protocol for antipsychotic medications, especially in dementia patients.”

The focus of the Texas Medical Foundation (TMF) is on promoting quality health and health care through contracts with federal, state, and local governments in addition to private organizations. TMF partners with providers in a variety of settings to ensure that every patient receives the appropriate care, every time.

The foundation has had an impactful history that extends back decades; in 1984, TMF was awarded the Medicare peer review organization contract to perform medical reviews for Medicare beneficiaries. Ever since, the contract has evolved to also include quality improvement activities in hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices and home health agencies. Recently, the foundation has expanded to offer consulting services to ensure quality care across the state.

“It was paramount that we addressed the use of antipsychotic medications in dementia patients–as dosage amounts didn’t always align with the need,” says Dr. Bryan White, MD. “These medications have been found to increase mortality in patients with dementia, many of whom live in nursing homes in Texas. I’m proud to say we are making real progress on this subject, and the protocol has already been successful in multiple facilities that provide care in locked units for people afflicted with dementia.”