Dr. Bryan White MD Takes on the Medical Director Position for the Ennis Care Center in Texas

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Dr Bryan White MD Dr Bryan White MD

A medical professional providing state-of-the-art care to patients in the Dallas area, Dr. Bryan White MD has developed a reputation for delivering personalized healthcare and enacting dosage reduction protocols across the state. To maximize the output and capabilities of Ennis Care Center in Texas, he’s recently stepped in as the facility’s medical director. 


As Medical Director of Ennis Care Center, Dr. Bryan White MD helps ensure that the facility continues providing unparalleled services that uphold its mission of person-centered healthcare. Under his guidance, the center delivers a specialized therapeutic program that promotes choice, purpose, and connection for residents through daily multi-disciplinary engagement.


Before taking on the role of Medical Director, Dr. Bryan White MD served in a number of professional healthcare roles across Texas. Dr. White attended at more than a dozen facilities during his tenure and delivered skilled nursing and long-term care, preparing him for future leadership roles. He was appointed Medical Director of Ennis Care Center earlier this month after demonstrating expertise across a career spanning 25 years of exceptional service. 


Every medical professional at Ennis Care Center is committed to person-centric healthcare and wellness and strives to offer each resident personal attention. In this way, Dr. Bryan White MD and his peers are able to building lasting relationships and improve the quality of life for all their residents. The mission at Ennis Care Center is to deliver compassionate care and innovative programming, and Dr. White ensures that’s exactly what they achieve each day. 


“The Ennis Care Center community utilizes innovations in medicine and care to ensure a comfortable and inviting environment for every single one of our residents,” says Dr. Bryan White MD. “Our robust life-enrichment program focuses on social engagement and personal connection so all residents receive the attention they deserve in an inviting atmosphere.”


At the Center, Dr. White helps enact a sophisticated program that offers every resident the opportunity to set new goals and explore personal interests in all dimensions of wellness​. This effective component allows residents to participate in enriching activities like reading groups, coffee clubs, Bible studies, art therapy, veteran groups, gardening, movie nights, lively conversation and more.


In addition, residents of Ennis Care Center also have the benefit of animal therapy on property where equestrian therapy is employed, animal therapy groups frequently visit, and robotic pet therapy is available 24/7. This unique offering helps residents gain a sense of compassion and allows them to build enriching relationships to improve their overall experience.


As the new medical director of Ennis Care Center, Dr. Bryan White MD ensures the facility regularly employs a range of services and solutions that cater to each resident’s unique abilities and interests. In this way, he and other medical professionals enhance cognitive ability, physical and occupational health, wellness, independence, and familial connections among other beneficial factors.