Dr. Cletus Georges Explores Common Urinary Tract Infections

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Dr Cletus Georges Common Urinary Tract Infections Dr Cletus Georges Common Urinary Tract Infections
Dr. Cletus Georges

Urologist Dr. Cletus Georges offers professional insight into a number of the most commonly diagnosed urinary tract infections.

Urinary tract infections sometimes referred to as bladder infections, are infections which occur in any part of the body’s urinary system, including the kidneys, the bladder, or the urethra. An experienced urologist with more than two decades of experience, Dr. Cletus Georges provides an expert look at some of the most commonly diagnosed urinary tract infections encountered by patients in the United States.

“UTIs, urinary tract infections or bladder infections are a common complaint among patients across the board,” reveals Dr. Georges, “although they are experienced more frequently by women than by men.”

Urinary tract infections says the doctor, typically occur in the bladder or urethra. “More serious infections, however,” he adds, “may also involve the kidneys.”

Symptoms of the urinary tract and bladder infections, such as cystitis and urethritis, include pain in the pelvis and pelvic region, a noticeable increase in the need or urge to urinate, and pain when urinating, plus any sign or sight of blood in any urine which is passed. “More serious kidney infections may present with back pain, ranging from moderate to severe, as well as feelings of nausea, vomiting, and signs of fever,” adds Dr. Georges.

Thankfully, prompt treatment with antibiotics is usually successful in the majority of cases of the urinary tract and bladder infection, according to the expert, and generally successful in treating infections tied to the kidneys. “With millions of patients in the United States suffering one or more instances of urinary tract infection each year, the majority of cases are easily treatable,” explains the urologist.

Usually considered to be what doctors call ‘self-diagnosable,’ in addition to pain in the pelvic region, an increase in the urge to urinate, pain when urinating, any sign of blood in any urine, and nausea, vomiting, or fever, several further common UTI symptoms exist. These include pain in the lower abdomen, groin, or bladder, including during urination or sexual intercourse, plus foul-smelling urine, dark or cloudy urine, bladder spasms, and any sense of unsuccessful or otherwise incomplete bladder emptying.

“Female patients may also experience vaginal irritation, cramping, and general malaise,” points out Dr. Georges.

Related conditions include painful bladder syndrome, overactive bladder, kidney stones, pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginitis, prostatitis, trichomoniasis, and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

“Any patient concerned about a possible urinary tract, bladder, or kidney infection should seek the advice or assistance of a urologist, OB-GYN, or their primary care provider at their first convenience,” Dr. Georges adds, wrapping up.

Dr. Cletus Georges attended Weill Cornell University Medical College in New York City, graduating in 1991 and completing his residency in urology at Chicago’s Northwestern University McGaw Medical Center in 1997. Shortly after that, urology specialist Dr. Georges began his practice in Sebring, Florida, before relocating to the Orlando area where he remains settled today.