Dr. Dennis Begos’ Advice for Students Interested in Getting into Medical School

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Dr Dennis Begos Medical School Dr Dennis Begos Medical School

Dreaming of becoming a physician or surgeon is usually an early desire for young men and women. Some even know that’s what they want to do as little children, but the prep work and drive are what separates those that do, from those that change their plans. 


Colorectal Surgeon, Dr. Dennis Begos was always determined to be a leader in life. From a young boy, he knew that he would make a difference in people’s lives by caring for them as a physician, but his ambition didn’t stop there. Dr. Begos wanted to be a key thought leader and innovator. 


Getting into medical school, of course, requires a high GPA and the appropriate test scores, but getting into Yale University is even more of a formidable task.


Dr. Begos was born and raised in New York State but spent two years living in Ireland after college. He started medical school in Ireland but transferred back to finish medical school in the US at New York Medical College. Dr. Begos graduated fourth in his medical class.  He subsequently did his surgical training at Yale University Medical School, which accepted him because of his high-ranking, proven leadership skills, and his determination to continue to make a difference in medicine. 


During his time at Yale, Dr. Begos began to understand the importance of leadership and commitment to advancing medical concepts and practices. Dr. Begos was named Chief Resident in his last year, which is a distinctive honor. He spent a considerable amount of time doing research and published many papers and book chapters. 


After Yale, Dr. Begos went on to do a one-year fellowship in colon and rectal surgery at the esteemed Cleveland Clinic, where he trained with some of the world’s foremost experts in the field. 


Dr. Begos’ advice for students, “Besides the basics of preparatory classes, grades, and high-level assessment scoring, the most important thing I tell students’ wanting to go to medical school is that their mark on the world is most important. Asking yourself, what have I done for the people, communities, and the world around me is critical.” Dr. Begos continued. “If you have a passion for making a difference in the world, giving back and making significant changes in society as a whole, and within the medical space, then you are on the right track.”


With over 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Dennis Begos has held both local and national administrative positions and has brought innovative surgical techniques to the healthcare system as well as teaching other surgeons these progressive, cutting-edge procedures to improve patient care and outcomes.