Dr. Dennis Begos, Leadership Advice for Physicians & Healthcare Practitioners

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Dr Dennis Begos Advice for Physicians Healthcare Practitioners Dr Dennis Begos Advice for Physicians Healthcare Practitioners

For over 20 years, Dr. Dennis Begos has had an extensive career in clinical medicine, medical education, published research, administration, and leadership roles. Dr. Begos is a mentor offering leadership advice to all medical professionals, including physicians, medical science liaisons, medical writers, devices, and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Begos explains, “Doctors sometimes get a reputation for having a “god-complex,” but to be a good leader, one must take part on a ground level and be involved in the minute details. In business, leaders have a responsibility to be precise, detailed, dedicated, and humble. Leadership involves participating in the daily practices an organization and working as a team to reach the goals set in place. As physicians, we have a great deal of head knowledge but acting like a dictator is not the way to get things done; leadership involves being the pillar of the workforce, but also setting an example for others to follow.”

Dr. Begos’ success in the medical and business field is primarily due to his dedication, resourcefulness, communication skills, and the ability to consistently and confidently lead a team. With teaching other surgeons new techniques, lecturing, awards and teaching medical students at Tufts University, he relies heavily on this broad background as a consultant and brings value to his clients and the organizations he works within various stages and projects.
Dr. Begos has held leadership roles in hospital facilities, such as President of the Medical Staff and Chair of the Department of Surgery involves managing hospital departments, physicians, and effecting change across the organization during times of flux and uncertainty.

Dr. Dennis Begos was the first physician in the Boston area (likely all of Massachusetts) to perform laparoscopic colectomy, which is now a standard procedure. Dr. Begos did his general surgery residency at Yale University where he was honorably named Chief Resident in his last year. Dr. Begos then went on to do a one-year fellowship in colon and rectal surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, where he trained with some of the world’s foremost experts in the field. He also graduated fourth in his medical class. He’s always been ambitious, and now he’s able to share those passions with executives, peers, and others interested in leadership roles and to improve the future of medicine and other specialties