Dr. Dennis Begos, The First to Perform Laparoscopic Colectomy in Boston, MA

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Dr Dennis Begos Laparoscopic Colectomy Dr Dennis Begos Laparoscopic Colectomy
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The large intestine also known as the colon can become diseased, blocked, cancerous and succumb to bleeding issues.  

 In the past, open surgery via a sizeable abdominal incision was the only way to access the colon and remove the diseased or infested area of the intestine.  

However, in 1997, Dr. Dennis Begos was the first physician in the Boston area (likely all of Massachusetts) to perform laparoscopic colectomy, which is now a standard procedure

What is a Laparoscopic colectomy? Instead of a full abdominal incision, the minimally invasive procedure, Laparoscopic colectomy, is performed directly through several tiny portal incisions in the abdomen and the navel.

 A small video camera is placed through one of the ports, and laparoscopic surgical tools are simultaneously used through the other tiny incisions.

On a monitor, the surgeon can see the colon and surrounding areas to precisely retrieve the colon and pull it through one of the abdominal incisions.  This allows the surgeon to operate on it outside of the body.

The colon will easily be reinserted back into the body once the repairs have been made.

Dennis Begos, MD is always on the frontline of new procedures, cutting-edge devices, and advanced technology.  

Being one of the first surgeons to offer this advanced laparoscopic colectomy procedure to his patients and to train other physicians and medical staff on how to perform this method was second nature to him, as he takes great pride in continuously learning new techniques and perfecting his expertise.

Without new ideas and pioneering minds like Dennis Begos’, patients would be stuck with mediocre and inferior treatment methods.

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At the hospitals where Dr. Begos has practiced, he was known as the “go-to” guy for general surgery by the medical staff and his peers.  These colleagues also entrusted their family members to Dr. Begos and would refer many cases to him, which he states a very high honor.

From 2016 to 2017 Dennis Begos, MD was heavily involved in hospital leadership, being the president of the medical staff at Winchester Hospital.

Dr. Begos did his general surgery residency at Yale University (1990-96), where he was honorably named Chief Resident in his last year.

Dr. Begos then went on to do a one-year fellowship in colon and rectal surgery at the Cleveland Clinic (1996-97), where he trained with some of the world’s foremost experts in the field.

Along with leadership positions within the hospital systems, Dennis Begos is very involved in the community, coaching his two son’s baseball teams, as a church member, and volunteer.