Dr. Eugene Gu: Changing the World Through Cool Quit

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Dr Eugene Gu Dr Eugene Gu

Los Angeles, CA / April 30, 2020 / When it comes to changing the world at the hands of an invisible monster, not many have been as effective as Eugene Gu. The founder of a smoking cessation aid has now turned his sites onto the fight against COVID-19. “It is something that we must band together now and fight against. It truly is the invisible enemy and I would like to be the arms dealer that doles out some good ole’ fashion whoopings on this coronavirus.”

With new updates to Cool Quit, it seems that Eugene Gu‘s stock is on the rise. “We are very happy to announce that we can now offer at-home coronavirus testing kits to patients.” Eugene Gu said when talking about the latest innovation in his product line. “We have effectively been able to change course and begin developing a product line that can help fight against the virus and flatten the curve through detection and subsequent quarantine.”

Before the at-home coronavirus testing kits were announced, however, Cool Quit had been already putting in the work with free COVID-19 screening, evaluation, and testing for Medicare PPO patients in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia. “It was a huge deal and I am happy to say that thanks to the flexibility of our staff as well as our ability to stay vigilant and nimble, we were able to get testing set up in those locations and metro areas that needed it the most.” Eugene Gu noted. “I think that right now, it is important for us to stand up for those that need help the most, and that means our vulnerable as well as those that are below the poverty line. This situation has made things much more stressful for those populations and we needed to work quickly to mobilize for those individuals specifically.” Eugene Gu continued.

Eugene Gu, it should be noted, is a Stanford trained medical doctor who found his way into the medical testing world. “It was a way for me to do something greater than just seeing patients one on one. I found it to be a way to impact communities in a more positive way.” Eugene Gu said. “I found that developing smoking cessation kits could impact more people at once than my practice ever could.”

Eugene Gu is also quick to point out how impressed he is with his own organization and their ability to react in times of crisis. “I think it is important that every business becomes a business that fights to support its own community. The business then becomes a symbol of responsibility to help the community in any way possible.” Eugene Gu noted. “But his battle hasn’t been won yet.” Eugene Gu continues. “We must hold strong and hold the fort down for those who can’t”.