Dr. Eugenio Galindo Explains Importance of Early Cancer Detection, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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Oncology specialist Dr. Eugenio Galindo shares the importance of early detection, diagnosis, and treatment in cancer cases.


Rio Grande Valley area hematology and oncology specialist Dr. Eugenio Galindo reveals more about successful cancer diagnosis and treatment, and the critical importance of early detection as he talks more about survival rates and McAllen Oncology’s cutting edge cancer facility, diagnostic imaging center, and laboratory.


“From carcinoma, melanoma, lymphoma, and metastasis, to breast, lung, and colon, there are many words related to cancer, some of which are simple, and others which are not,” explains Dr. Galindo. “Something is common in all of them, however,” he continues, “and that’s the fact that, at McAllen Oncology, we know how to treat them.”


Dr. Galindo has a long record of cancer care, centered largely around early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. “At McAllen Oncology, we are wholly committed to early cancer detection, prompt diagnosis, and highly effective treatment,” reveals the specialist physician.


Hematology and oncology specialist Dr. Galindo has served in the Rio Grande Valley area for more than 25 years. Certified by the National Academy of Oncology, he proudly offers each of his patients access to all so-called M.D. Anderson protocols and practice standards for treatment. “This allows patients to stay home and close to their loved ones,” adds the cancer specialist.


Successful treatment, says Dr. Galindo, relies heavily on early detection and diagnosis, and on promptly beginning treatment. “Cancer survival rates are constantly improving in the United States and across much of the developed world,” explains the oncology specialist, “thanks in no small part to improvements both in detection and diagnosis, as well as in treatment.”


“Accordingly,” he adds, “it’s vital that we remain committed to the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, both here in the Rio Grande Valley and across the United States, as well as globally.”


Dr. Galindo and his team kicked off 2019 in style, celebrating McAllen Oncology’s new cancer center’s grand opening in January, held in association with the Texas city of McAllen’s Chamber of Commerce. Over 375 patients and their families, as well as several representatives from the city’s Chamber of Commerce, attended the successful event at McAllen Oncology’s state of the art facility which boasts private suites, a diagnostic imaging center, and laboratory, and is the only cancer facility of its kind in South Texas.


Oncologist Dr. Eugenio Galindo is an experienced physician specializing in hematology and oncology. Certified in medical oncology through the American Board of Internal Medicine, Dr. Galindo has served in the Rio Grande Valley for almost 30 years. The medical director for McAllen Oncology, he completed his fellowship at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and is an active participant in bringing the latest in cancer treatment and screening to the southernmost tip of South Texas. Fluent in English and Spanish, Dr. Galindo has also authored several influential medical publications on the subject of oncology.