Dr. Eugenio Galindo Shares Information on Key Medical Society Memberships

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Dr Eugenio Galindo Key Medical Society Memberships Dr Eugenio Galindo Key Medical Society Memberships

Texas oncologist Dr. Eugenio Galindo offers a look at various medical associations and societies as he reflects on his own current memberships and affiliations.


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From the Texas Medical Association and the American Society of Clinical Oncology to the American College of Physicians and the Hidalgo-Starr County Medical Society, Dr. Eugenio Galindo is a member of a number of prestigious medical associations, societies, and organizations. Here, the Texas-based oncologist shares insight into a number of his current affiliations and memberships.


Dr. Galindo starts with the Texas Medical Association, headquartered in Austin, and the largest state medical society in the United States. “The Texas Medical Association offers countless essential services, educational resources, and tools,” reveals the oncologist, “widely called for by physicians right across the state.”


First established in 1853, the association currently represents more than 53,000 doctors, medical students, and alliance members throughout Texas, according to Dr. Galindo, a specialist cancer physician settled in the Rio Grande Valley.


The American College of Physicians, meanwhile, is a national organization focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and care of adult patients. “With 154,000 current members, the American College of Physicians is the largest medical-specialty organization and the second-largest physician group in the United States, behind only the American Medical Association,” reveals Dr. Galindo, “which boasts around a quarter-of-a-million members today.”


Next, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, of which he’s also a member, he says, is a professional organization which represents physicians of all oncology subspecialties caring for patients with cancer.


Lastly, Dr. Galindo touches on the Hidalgo-Starr County Medical Society. Founded almost a century ago, in 1923, the Hidalgo-Starr County Medical Society has represented physicians as they treat patients, advance science, maintain the standards of the profession, and protect public health ever since, according to the experienced oncologist. “The society,” he continues, “which is a professional membership organization exclusively for physicians living or working in the Rio Grande Valley, as I do, also has a tradition of activism on behalf of practitioners, as well as patients.”


The Hidalgo-Starr County Medical Society answers to the same governing body which also oversees the American Medical Association and the Texas Medical Association, with which Dr. Galindo is further affiliated.


“The society provides a solid, common ground for physicians,” he adds, wrapping up, “across and throughout a range of medical specialties wherein which they may discuss day-to-day issues and work for the good of the profession, and for members of the public.”


A veteran of more than three decades in medicine, Dr. Eugenio Galindo is an experienced and highly-regarded oncologist based at McAllen Oncology in Edinburg, Texas. Furthermore, Dr. Galindo also currently holds the title of Medical Director at the Edinburg-based DHR Health Oncology Institute.


To learn more about Dr. Eugenio Galindo or to get in touch, please visit https://www.facebook.com/McAllenOncology/.