Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta Dentist Remarks on the Usefulness of Digital Impressions over Traditional Molds

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Dr Frank Roach Atlanta Dentist Remarks on the Usefulness Dr Frank Roach Atlanta Dentist

In Atlanta, Dr. Frank Roach relies on sophisticated dentistry tools and procedures to meet patient needs, such as digital impressions. He explains below how it helps. 

Before digital impressions were available to dentists, they looked to alginate or silicone-based molds to take impressions of patients’ teeth. Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta dentist tells us that one of the most common uses for these types of molds was to determine teeth alignment and fit braces appropriately to each patient.

“Patients would have to bite down on these molds and keep them in place for at least a minute to give them time to harden into usable impressions,” says Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta. “Today, we can use digital impressions to get a much clearer picture of each patients’ teeth alignment and overall oral health.”

Dentists across the country are implementing digital impression devices in their offices to capture replicas of patients’ mouths more efficiently. Dentists can now use wand tools that are linked to computers and run on sophisticated software to take impressions. Specialized lenses at the end of the wands take high-quality images that can be viewed on monitors in 3D by dentists to address any patient issues.

Virtual models can be analyzed more carefully to provide better and more accurate solutions. Imaging files are either used in-house to make dentures, bridges, crowns, braces and other appliances or else sent off to labs where they can be made by specialists. The digital file proves to be much speedier and reliable than transporting physical molds between labs.

Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta dentist says the entire process is a lot smoother for patients, too. There’s no longer a need for them to bite down on flavored molds or come back in for another impression because the first was damaged or unusable. If something doesn’t turn out right, dentists can immediately take another quick scan for better results. In addition, patients who have sensitive teeth or a severe gag reflex don’t experience any discomfort from the digital imaging.

“In our offices, we use a product called the CEREC Omnicam, which is an easy-to-use digital imaging device that returns superior quality images in seconds,” says Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta. “It’s powder-free and ergonomical, so it can be used by myself or others on my staff with ease. Intuitive technology like the Omnicam helps us deliver top-notch oral care quickly to all our patients.”