Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta Shares Best Foods for Dental Health

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Dr Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta Shares Best Foods Dr Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta

Dr. Frank Roach, dentist in Atlanta offers resources for patients and readers to take control of their oral health, and below he shares the best foods to eat to maintain teeth.

According to an oral health surveillance report by the CDC1, more than 1 in 4 adults in the United States have untreated tooth decay. While getting to the dentist isn’t as easy for some as others, professionals like Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta share professional insight to help everyone learn everyday habits that improve their overall oral health at home.

The most significant impacts on our teeth are the foods and drinks we choose to eat on a daily basis. Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta helps readers understand below what foods to eat to keep up the health of their teeth.

Dairy Foods

We’ve all heard that milk is good for your bones, but the high concentrations of calcium in dairy products like milk and cheese can also give a boost to your oral health. Besides strengthening your teeth, dairy foods tend to be low in sugar, which is especially important when trying to avoid cavities and tooth decay.

Lean Meats

Chicken and certain fish that don’t contain the high-fat content levels of red meat such as beef or pork can have a positive impact on teeth. Foods like poultry, fish, and eggs contain phosphorus and protein, which assist calcium in maximizing the body’s ability to strengthen bones and teeth. This results in a stronger resistance to cavities and makes it more difficult to chip or wear teeth down.


Eating nuts can kick our cravings for more harmful foods like sweets, carbs, and candy. Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta also says nuts are especially important as they contain proteins and minerals that are vital to good oral health. Bacteria in the mouth produce acid in response to harmful foods that can strip teeth of their protective barrier. Chewing nuts helps the mouth produce saliva, in addition, which is helpful in reducing decay.

Water with Fluoride

“Water is already better for your oral health than any other beverage you could consume as it doesn’t have any properties that erode teeth,” says Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta. “Some tap water comes with fluoride already in it, which is useful in making teeth more resistant to erosion and cavities. You can also buy fluoride rinses in stores for maximum prevention.”