Dr. Frank Roach Employs BioHorizons, One of the Top Implant Procedures on the Market

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Dr Frank Roach Top Implant Procedures on the Market Dr Frank Roach Top Implant Procedures on the Market

Dr. Frank Roach is an experienced dentist with over two decades of professional practice using the latest technological advancements available to the industry. To ensure his clients receive only the most effective procedures and products on the market, he uses BioHorizon implants.


Dr. Frank Roach

Since 1998, Dr. Frank Roach has delivered dedicated dental care and practical solutions for clients in his Atlanta offices. He strives to employ only the latest breakthroughs in dentistry so his patients receive satisfying results without discomfort or worry over unsuccessful procedures. By keeping up with tech advances, Dr. Frank Roach exceeds expectations and delivers unparalleled results again and again.


“Technology has come a long way in a short time, affecting everything from our materials and procedures to our scanning systems,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “This allows dentists to provide long-lasting solutions and treat teeth thoroughly without discomfort for the patient.”


At his offices, Dr. Frank Roach uses high tech like the CEREC Omnicam, which takes precise 3D scans in minutes without the need for molds. Being that he only wants the best, Dr. Frank Roach chose Biohorizons after trying many different implant systems.


BioHorizons is dedicated to the ultimate customer service as well as efficiency and the pursuit of excellence and integrity. Following suit, their product is an innovative solution to implants and tissue regeneration products. Dedicated to their commitment to excellence, all the products they offer are based solely on evidence-based, scientifically-proven solutions.


The company has roots all the way back to 1994 when the original Maestro implant design (that’s now become famous) was first created in the biomedical engineering department at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Since then, the company has consistently applied biomedical engineering to a variety of product innovations. Today, BioHorizons is the proud owner of 24 unique patent awards, delivering a range of unparalleled dentistry products.


As for materials, all BioHorizons implants are made from ultra-durable titanium alloy, which is measured at 1.5 to 3.5 times stronger than pure titanium implants common at other companies. This upgrade in durability ultimately affects the long-term success of an implant, and it is especially useful for small diameter implants which are more prone to cracking, chipping, or breaking.


Dr. Frank Roach employs BioHorizons implants because of their strength as well as the unique fit of their sizes. The various parts they produce feature tight machine tolerances which ensures that dentists provide a positive surgical & restorative experience. In addition, each of the BioHorizon products (implants and prosthetics) are color-coded and are easily identifiable dentists. This makes it easier to determine implant types already inside the mouth of in-office patients.


“It’s revolutionary what BioHorizons has created, and their products are an incredible help to both patients and me in terms of ease, comfort, and durability,” says Dr. Frank Roach.