Dr. Frank Roach is Proud to Offer PRP Therapy to Patients in the Atlanta Area

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Dr Frank Roach PRP Therapy to Patients in the Atlanta Area Dr Frank Roach PRP Therapy to Patients in the Atlanta Area

Atlanta-based dentist Dr. Frank Roach has built a reputation on superb offerings, outstanding care, and dedication to the latest technologies and procedures in dentistry. To help expedite patient healing time post-procedure, he now offers revolutionary PRP therapy in his offices. 

Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta has exceeded patient expectations for decades and consistently updates his offerings to ensure they receive the best care possible. Staying true to this ideal, he employs only the latest procedures, technologies, and hardware available to ensure effective, long-lasting results for all patients. 

“Not all the tech updates we make in our offices are immediately apparent, but they never fail to deliver exceptional results that our patients notice with time,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “We’ve upgraded from clay molds to 3D-scans of patients’ teeth and from traditional 8 or 12 anchor dentures to the All-on-Four procedure. Our offices have even upgraded to a MoonRay S 3D Printer that allows us to create in-house models and cut down on the time it takes to provide them to patients from days to just hours.”

Today, the offices of Dr. Frank Roach offer patients Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy post-procedure to encourage faster and more thorough healing. It’s a revolutionary tool for cutting down healing time in a range of injuries, and it has predominately been used as a permanent solution for common conditions like arthritis and ligament or tendon sprains in athletes. It’s also making an appearance in top beauty procedures where it can restore youthful cells. 

PRP Therapy is unique in that it can expedite healing in skin cells, tissue, bones, and more. Today, the therapy is gaining a lot of attention in the dental field where it speeds up the wound healing process for patients following oral surgery. 

“We can cut down on the amount of discomfort patients experience after surgery because platelet-rich plasma help calm inflamed areas and help wounds close up much faster,” says Dr. Frank Roach. 

In PRP Therapy, office staff collect a small sample of patients’ blood where it is put through a centrifugation process that separates the blood cells and the plasma. Through the process, Dr. Frank Roach and his staff can distill natural growth factors in the blood. Afterwards, the plasma is developed into a topical or injectable solution that can be applied directly onto wounds to promote faster healing. 

Recently, PRP Therapy has proven especially useful in recovery following tooth extractions and periodontal treatments. By applying platelet-rich plasma following a surgical procedure, dentists can seal wounds and protect them from infectious agents, too. 

“Our patients never have to worry about disease transmission during PRP Therapy, either,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “All plasma used in therapy comes directly from patients’ own blood and is reinjected in concentrated doses to target areas. It’s simple and effective, and it’s proving to have a dramatic effect on patient comfort and satisfaction.  Along with the increased healing benefits, using PRP reduces the chance of infrecting by 10 times. Not 10%! That is amazing.”