Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta Discusses How the CEREC Omnicam Benefits Both Dentists and Patients

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Dr Frank Roach of Atlanta Dr Frank Roach of Atlanta

Since beginning his dental practice decades ago, Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta has equipped his offices with the latest tools and resources to exceed patient expectations. Below, he discusses how the CEREC Omnicam device expedites scans and increases comfort for dentists and patients alike. 


Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta has built up a reputation for offering the latest breakthroughs in dentistry and delivering dedicated and individualized care to each of his patients. While other dentists may rely on old methods of taking impressions and inspecting patient teeth, Dr. Roach has upgraded to the CEREC Omnicam device, which takes digital impressions in seconds. This, he says, cuts down the time patients have to spend in the office while improving overall results. 


Since dentists first began taking impressions of patients’ teeth, they relied on set-and-dry molds. This has been useful in detecting specific concerns or preparing braces and other fixtures to move the jaw or teeth around. Most times, these molds were chalky and not pleasant tasting, and patients were required to bite down on them for extended periods of time. After completed, the molds required time to set before being examined or handled by professionals. 


While the overall discomfort for patients was small, Dr. Roach understood that investing in better technology could expedite the impression-taking process. He invested in CEREC Omnicam devices, which are able to take digital impressions of patients’ teeth.


“The CEREC Omnicam, takes more accurate impressions than ever and eliminates the need for

traditional impression molds,” says Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta. “It ultimately gives dentists more time to see additional patients who need care and allows them to address concerns indicated by

impressions much faster.”


He remarks that newer technologies can better meet patient needs as well as save time and

increase the comfort and reliability of office procedures. By employing improved tools like the CEREC Omnicam device, he can expedite processes and leave old procedures like gritty impression molds behind. The CEREC Omnicam captures powder-free impressions of patients’ teeth and compiles them in full color, and can produce precise three-dimensional scans in seconds. In addition, the device was designed to be extremely lightweight and comfortable to use for dentists. 


“CEREC is known for making quality equipment that can cut back on the time patients have to

spend in the office and boosting the capabilities of dentists,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “The Omnicam is no exception, either. By allowing dental professionals to take digital impressions of patients’ teeth, there’s no need for them to use molds or wait hours to days before working on patients’ next steps.” 


Along with the software provided by CEREC, dentists like Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta gain the ability of guided scanning, allowing them to take digital impressions of teeth quickly in-office using a computer monitor. The Omnicam can be used in combination with other advanced technology like the MoonRay S 3D Printer, too, to provide faster solutions to patients’ needs, improving the process for everyone involved.