Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta Employs PRP Therapy to Expedite Patient Healing Time

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PRP Therapy to Expedite Patient Healing Time PRP Therapy to Expedite Patient Healing Time

Regularly updating his equipment and adding state-of-the-art tech to his procedures, Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta has exceeded patient expectations for decades. Helping them cut down recovery time, he now offers Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy following oral surgery.

Delivering the most advanced care to his patients, Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta has developed a reputation for sophisticated tech and outstanding dentistry. He employs only the latest procedures, technology, and hardware available to ensure effective long-lasting results.

“We’ve upgraded from clay molds to 3D-scans of patients’ teeth and from traditional 8 or 12 anchor dentures to the All-on-Four procedure,” says Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta. “Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and it’s important for medical practices of all types to keep up to deliver the best care possible.”

Sticking to this belief, Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta is now pleased to offer patients Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy post-procedure to encourage faster and more thorough healing.

PRP Therapy has gained international acclaim for its unique ability to expedite the healing process in the skin, bones, and more. In PRP Therapy, a sample of a patient’s blood is removed and put through a process that separates the blood cells and the plasma. The plasma is then developed into a malleable substance or injectable solution. This is used along with bone grafts or tissue grafts to rapidly increase healing and at the same time greatly reduce the chance of infection. Studies show that the use of PRP in a procedure gives 10 times less chance of getting an infection. That is amazing by any measure.

Special devices derive plasma from patient blood through centrifugation, which allows medical professionals to harness natural growth factors in the blood for wound healing. The concentration of plasma taken from patients’ blood is applied to surgical sites where it promotes tissue repair and accelerates cell regeneration.

In the last decade, PRP has mainly been used as a permanent solution for common conditions like arthritis and ligament or tendon sprains instead of surgery. It has also had its hand in top beauty procedures where it helped restore youthful cells. One popular facelift procedure called the “Vampire facelift” is done using PRP.

PRP Therapy has proved to be especially useful in inpatient recovery following tooth extractions and periodontal treatments. By applying platelet-rich plasma to a wound after the procedure, dentists can seal the wound and protect it from infectious agents, lowering the risk of infection.

Patients will never have to worry about disease transmission, either, as the plasma used in the therapy comes directly from their own blood.

“Taking blood is a simple procedure and takes only a few minutes. These few minutes translate into less down/faster healing,” says Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta. “And the results naturally speak for themselves.”

Dr. Frank Roach expects most dentist offices in the country to begin employing PRP therapy in the near future, considering its little impact and the huge payoff for patients of all types.