Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta Explains How PRP Therapy Helps Patients Recover Faster

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Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta has spent decades delivering unparalleled dentistry using the latest tools and procedures to exceed his patients’ expectations. Implementing platelet-rich plasma therapy following surgical procedures, he is able to speed up the healing process dramatically.

At the offices of Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta, patients can expect to receive the best dental care around, including optimal recovery times. He uses only the most sophisticated tools and procedures in his offices to get the job done, including revolutionary platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which helps cut down on patient recovery time.

The breakthrough PRP Therapy procedure has been used to help people recover and heal major wounds for years, especially by professional athletes and those who have undergone extreme procedures. Dental professionals like Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta can use PRP Therapy to expedite wound healing and fight against infection.

Most of his patients have never heard of the procedure much less understand how it can help them heal faster. Dr. Roach helps explain the advancement:

“PRP therapy uses the body’s intrinsic method of healing and applies it in concentrated doses to wounds following surgery or invasive procedures,” says Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta. “Growth factors within our blood are taken in samples and put through a process that lumps special agents together where they will be collected and reapplied either topically or through an injection.”

People may recognize plasma as a vital component in our blood; many medical facilities across the country accept plasma donations periodically. Water and protein helps move blood cells in veins and arteries throughout the body. Small cells in the blood — called platelets — helps clot blood in wounds and promotes healing.

“When patients come into our offices for a procedure, we take a small sample of their blood and run it through a machine utilizing centrifugation to separate out plasma,” says Dr. Frank Roach.”Patients never have to worry about the source of the platelet-rich plasma since any agents used in PRP Therapy come directly from their own bodies.”

PRP Therapy cues the body to start healing as fast as it can, and it helps relieve pain by reducing inflammation and repairing damaged tissue. This, in turn, reduces the need for pain medications or specialized wound-cleaning rituals following a major procedure. It also cuts down on the time it takes for patients to fully heal and get back to their normal day-to-day.

The treatment is simple; patients supply a small amount of blood which then goes through a process separating out platelets that can be reinjected into the body. PRP Therapy has been used to treat a range of injuries, from torn ligaments to damaged joints, and it provides a unique benefit to dentists and their patients.

“PRP Therapy is used in injections or topical creams using the patients’ own platelets, so there’s no safer treatment available that can provide as much benefit as PRP does,” says Dr. Roach.