Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta Shares 4 Simple Tips for Healthier Teeth

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Dr Frank Roach of Atlanta Dr Frank Roach of Atlanta

As one of the top dental professionals in the state of Atlanta, Dr. Frank Roach delivers sophisticated solutions using the latest procedures and most advanced machinery in the industry. Here, he shares with readers a few professional tips for keeping teeth clean and healthy between dentist visits. 


Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta has a specialized team and plenty of high-quality resources in his offices to meet the growing needs of his patients. However, he often gives them and interested readers advice for keeping teeth cleaner at home so there’s not as much of a need for the advanced procedures he’s learned over his career. 


He frequently shares insightful advice on protecting tooth enamel and minimizing damage done to teeth by eating sugary and acidic foods, which are the main causes of cavities. Regardless if you’re eating sweets for a holiday or celebration, drinking beverages that wear teeth down, or eating foods high in acid, Dr. Frank Roach urges everyone to adopt stricter brushing routines, among other habits for healthier teeth. 


“Foods that are high in fat, starch, acid, or sugar pose a particular problem for tooth enamel,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “Refusing to keep up with regular brushing and flossing can leave a lot of people with permanent damage that may result in extra dental work.”


Dr. Roach explains that tooth decay is most prominently caused by bacteria in the mouth that produces its own acids after feeding on sugar. This, in turn, dissolves and damages teeth and enamel, its natural protective coating. This all leads to cavities and tooth decay, which can be a tremendous headache for patients. 


To avoid them, Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta suggests all people follow a few simple rules: 


Trade Soda for Water 


Soda and other beverages are typically filled with sugar, and even diet ones that aren’t still have acids that weaken tooth enamel. The safest drink to consume is water, which doesn’t impart any damage. While it may be difficult, Dr. Roach says everyone should trade their coffees, teas, sodas, and alcohol for water as often as they can to protect their teeth. 


Only Eat Candy or Sweets on Rare Occasions 


While almost all foods have a somewhat negative effect on teeth, Dr. Roach says sweets and candies are some of the worst. He suggests saving candy and sweets for holidays or celebrations only, if possible. 


Brush Immediately After Eating


Much of the harm done to teeth from sugary and acidic foods can be minimized by reducing the

amount of time these linger on teeth. This means brushing your teeth, and hopefully flossing,

immediately after eating or drinking anything other than water. 


Adopt a Twice-a-Day or More Brushing Routine


It’s not enough, Dr. Frank Roach says, to brush your teeth once a day. At the minimum, he believes all people should brush their teeth in the mornings after having breakfast and again at night once they are finished eating. Ideally, every patient would brush immediately after eating or throughout the day, but he understands that this is a far reach for most people. 


“The point is to keep the junk food and harmful drinks off your teeth, and if you do consume them on occasion, to brush them off as soon as you can,” says Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta. “Doing this would help so many people take control of their dental health and avoid complicated dental procedures in the long run.”