Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta Uses 3D Imaging to Obtain Accurate Patient Scans

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Dr Frank Roach of Atlanta D Imaging to Obtain Accurate Patient Scans Dr Frank Roach of Atlanta D Imaging to Obtain Accurate Patient Scans

One of the premiere dentists of Atlanta, GA, Dr. Frank Roach employs sophisticated technology and state-of-the-art procedures to deliver results that far exceed patient expectations. Accordingly, he uses 3D imaging to obtain the most accurate and convenient scans of patients’ teeth and jawlines. 


Dr. Frank Roach

Dr. Frank Roach is an experienced dentist in Atlanta, GA who has spent years providing local and visiting patients with long-lasting solutions to their dental needs.


One of the ways he’s able to provide the first-class dental care he’s developed a reputation for is by consistently employing breakthrough technologies and procedures in his offices. 


“Technology is advancing quickly and giving dentists more convenient and accurate ways of meeting patient needs,” says Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta.


“3D imaging allows us to obtain three-dimensional impressions of patients’ bone/teeth/surrounding structures.”


3D diagnostic technology goes beyond digital X-rays and standard film to provide comprehensive scans with far more accurate readings than ever before.


This allows dentists to more properly diagnose dental concerns and provide tailored solutions. 


Dr. Frank Roach is able to place implants with highly accurate precision in most cases without costly surgical guides saving his patients hundreds of dollars.


Dr. Frank Roach Xray 3


Many patients worry over the harm imparted by radiation during traditional X-ray scans. 


3D technology completely eliminates the need for X-ray devices altogether. Using panoramic imaging, dentists acquire computer-generated scans to provide comprehensive solutions. 


Because the technology is so precise, dentists can pick up on serious health concerns earlier on and provide adequate answers in a timely manner.


This allows them to develop a quicker plan of action to salvage what can be salvaged as well as determine supplemental solutions fast. 


Dr. Frank Roach Xray 1


“3D scans don’t require the bulky hardware dentists relied on in the past, which often took up significant portions of office space.  We don’t have those old fashion wall mounted swing arm units,” says Frank Roach of Atlanta.


“Because of this, today’s scans are more cost-effective for dentists, and ultimately more cost-effective for patients, too.” 


Because the new 3D technology empowers dentists to take quick and accurate readings, patients also get a faster and more thorough insight into their dental health.


Patients can better understand how their unique issues have come into play and see exactly where the problems stem from in real-time––without having to wait until a follow-up appointment to view results. 


Using computers to view and store patient scans, dentists can share insightful data with patients’ general practitioners who can more ably keep track of any procedures needed, medications prescribed, billing statements issued and more. 


Dr. Frank Roach Xray 2


“Another major problem X-rays and scanning procedures of the past caused patients was claustrophobia, whether from the tight rooms where scanning devices were kept or the cramped devices themselves,” says Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta.


“This new technology allows us to take pictures in an open environment where comfort is never a concern.” 


By using 3D technology, Frank Roach sticks to his ideal to offer patients the most intuitive and sophisticated care for their dental health while considering their comfort as a top priority.