Dr. Frank Roach Offers Two Ways for Patients to Whiten Teeth Through GLO Treatments

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Dr Frank Roach Two Ways for Patients to Whiten Teeth Through GLO Treatments Dr Frank Roach Two Ways for Patients to Whiten Teeth Through GLO Treatments

Dr. Frank Roach is one of Atlanta’s premier dentists with years of experience providing top-notch care and advanced solutions for dental issues and concerns. Helping his patients achieve their healthiest and whitest smiles, Dr. Roach employs GLO whitening treatments in-office as well as gives them access to at-home kits.

Over a career spanning decades, Dr. Frank Roach has delivered tailored dental care to patients in the Atlanta area using the latest technological breakthroughs and procedures. Today, he provides industry-leading GLO teeth-whitening treatments at his offices, giving patients the ability to remove stains during their visits or later at home.

“The GLO teeth-whitening brand is one of the easiest and most effective treatment procedures available,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “It uses a powerful combination of light and gel that can erase years of discoloration while remaining extremely gentle on teeth. One major plus over the Zoom whitening system is reduced sensitivity after bleaching. Almost all patients say that they have zero sensitivity.”

GLO treatments are effective at removing stains from a variety of causes, no matter how discolored patients’ teeth are. Everyone is born with variations of teeth color and some people are more prone to stains than others. Many times, this is determined more by genetics than lifestyle or cleaning habits. However, everyone’s teeth naturally become more yellow over time due to both internal and external factors.

External factors for tooth discoloration include drinking beverages and eating foods that are high in acid or that have especially dark pigments (such as coffee and soda). Smoking cigarettes and cigars are also sure ways to discolor teeth. Internal factors include natural aging (as teeth slowly lose the ingredients that keep them white over time), certain illnesses, and side effects from medications.

Foods, drinks, and other external factors that cause tooth discoloration make stains on the enamel, the outer layer of the tooth. Though this discoloration can take place gradually over years, GLO whitening kits can quickly remove enamel stains in just a handful of treatments. Internal tooth discoloration affects the layer beneath the enamel, called the dentin. These types of stains are more difficult to remove than surface stains, but GLO whitening treatments target both layers for optimal results.

GLO treatments use a combination of heat and light within the product’s mouthpiece to accelerate the reaction rate of the included whitening gel. The treatment procedure is only 8 minutes long, which helps to avoid sensitivity while producing more whitening oxygens over a shorter period of time. From this, patients may need to use additional treatments to achieve best results.

“All of the gels in GLO brand-name products are made from hydrogen peroxide, which is a safe and effective solution for removing stains without any bothersome side effects,” says Dr. Frank Roach.

Patients of Dr. Frank Roach have options for receiving GLO treatments: they can choose between varying strength concentrations with the ability to apply at home by themselves or in the office under the guidance of professionals. Either way, Dr. Roach makes whitening teeth easy with plenty of flexibility and options to ensure patients receive outstanding results based on their individual needs.