Dr. Frank Roach Recommends GLO Whitening Treatments to Brighten Teeth Safely and Effectively

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Dr Frank Roach Dr Frank Roach

Atlanta-based Dr. Frank Roach consistently updates the equipment and procedures offered in his office, staying at the cutting edge of technology to meet patients’ diverse needs. Below, he explains how GLO whitening treatments are a cut above the rest and are his personal suggestion for teeth brightening. 

Dr. Frank Roach is able to deliver tailored solutions to his clients in and around Atlanta because of his dedication to breakthrough procedures and resources. He’s careful to always put his clients’ needs and concerns first and employs a range of sophisticated tools and practices to provide them with options that best fits their individual situations. 

For patients who come to his office looking for safe, effective ways to brighten their teeth, Dr. Frank Roach is quick to suggest GLO teeth-whitening treatments, which are an industry-leading option recommended by dentists across the country. Dr. Roach offers GLO treatments in-office during patient visits but also gives them the option to whiten teeth on their own time with user-friendly at-home kits. 

“The GLO teeth-whitening brand is one of the easiest and most effective treatment procedures available,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “It uses a powerful combination of light and gel that together erase years of discoloration while remaining extremely gentle on teeth.”

The treatment’s positive reputation is largely in thanks to its novel approach to whitening, which delivers gentle but powerful results. The effectiveness of the GLO whitening treatments stems from a unique combination of light and heat administered through special mouthpieces. The heat and light combo accelerates the reaction rate of the whitening gel without causing harm or discomfort, as opposed to the enamel-stripping options found over-the-counter. 

Each GLO whitening session lasts for around eight minutes, during which patients don’t feel anything but a slight warming sensation. The concentrated, specialized light carefully penetrates tooth enamel and brightens teeth without any sensitivity. 

“All of the solution gels in GLO brand-name products are made from hydrogen peroxide, which is a safe and effective solution for removing stains without any bothersome side effects,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “Patients would be hard-pressed to find a faster and safer effective whitening treatment.”

Dr. Roach educates his patients on what causes tooth discoloration and teaches them ways to avoid it in the future, such as steering clear of excessive sugary or acidic foods and giving up many staining beverages. He’s adamant, however, that GLO can help even the toughest situations of tooth discoloration. Even though deep stains in the dentin are more difficult to remove than surface stains, GLO whitening treatments target both layers for optimal results, he explains. 

“There are plenty of factors behind tooth discoloration, and that includes eating and drinking beverages high in acid or that have especially dark pigments, like coffee and soda,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “Smoking cigarettes or cigars will also cause discoloration, but teeth slowly lose the ingredients that keep them white over time anyways. Certain illnesses and side effects from medications can also leave their mark. GLO treatments boost the natural healthy color hiding beneath teeth stains and essentially erase years––or decades––of discoloration. I couldn’t ask for a more effective or versatile whitening system to offer my patients.”