Dr. Frank Roach Takes HD Video Scans of Patients’ Teeth Using CEREC Omnicam Technology

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Dr Frank Roach CEREC Omnicam Technology Dr Frank Roach CEREC Omnicam Technology

One of Atlanta’s foremost dentists, Dr. Frank Roach uses only the latest technologies and procedures to provide patient results that far exceed their expectations. He employs CEREC Omnicam technology in his offices to obtain ultra-realistic and accurate video scans of patients’ teeth and jawlines. 


Dr. Frank Roach

By using the latest technologies to meet patient needs, Dr. Frank Roach stays ahead of the competition and delivers industry-leading procedures without discomfort or worry. The CEREC Omnicam, which allows him to take precise scans of patients’ teeth, helps him deliver only the most precise and long-lasting dental solutions av. 


“New technologies like the CEREC Omnicam help dentists accurately address patient’s dental health as well as provide truly tailored solutions to their unique needs,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “By using these technologies and materials, dentists can deliver satisfying results that patients trust will last for years.” 


Since 1998, Dr. Frank Roach has practiced dentistry using the latest development of dentistry tools and technologies available in the field. He’s always strived to provide only the most efficient and dedicated care and employs state-of-the-art procedures to accomplish it. By keeping up with tech advances, Dr. Frank Roach delivers unparalleled results that minimize pain, discomfort, and the need for additional procedures in the future.


In the two decades that Dr. Frank Roach has practiced, dentists have migrated from typical impression trays to more accurate technology like Omnicam to take patient scans. By using a powerful camera, the CEREC Omnicam can produce a comprehensive 3D video of patients’ mouths in a natural color and extremely high detail. It requires very little from patients or dentists, as it takes images quickly and comes in a sleek, lightweight, and ergonomic design that fits comfortably in-hand.


Because of the powerful readings that CEREC Omnicam products deliver, a dentist can expand their treatment options to broader applications like aligner solutions and bleaching trays. In addition to being an effective tool that maximizes comfort for patients, the Omnicam also allows dentists to improve their in-office offerings. 


The tool takes thorough scans without using traditional coating or powder, which is far more comfortable to the patient and saves dentists an extra work step. And because it’s so ergonomic and compact in design, the Omnicam makes the difficult process of scanning posterior teeth a lot easier and allows dentists to get 3D readings of upper and lower jaws without adjusting their natural working posture. 


Each Omnicam product comes with a “guided scanning” feature that takes digital impressions of the entire jaw quickly. The device is user-friendly, and the simple handling means impressions can be taken by assistants if needed.


“It’s a truly unique product that revolutionized how dentists take impressions of patients’ teeth as well as the time it takes to deliver tailored solutions,” says Dr. Frank Roach.