Dr. Gene Lingerfelt Looks Back on the Publication of “You, Me and God”

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Dr Gene Lingerfelt “You Me and God” Dr Gene Lingerfelt “You Me and God”

Pastor and Writer Dr. Gene Lingerfelt reflects on the 1999 publication of “You, Me and God: The Threefold Cord is Not Easily Broken,” written by Dr. Lingerfelt and his wife, Sue Lingerfelt.


Gene Lingerfelt Profile

Dr. Gene Lingerfelt and his wife Sue have been happily married for more than four decades.  Dr. Gene Lingerfelt is a successful author, highly-regarded pastor, and the founder of Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas.


In 1999, Dr. Lingerfelt and his wife Sue wrote and published, “You, Me and God,” to help married couples experience God’s best in their marriages and families.  


Dr. Lingerfelt recently shared how “It’s hard to believe now that ‘You, Me and God’ was written two decades ago, back in 1999.”


“In the book, readers can learn how to enjoy a happy and loving marriage.” “They’ll also discover how every couple can achieve what God intended in marriage.”  According to Dr. Gene and Sue Lingerfelt, “The marriage relationship can be happy, loving, and positive, not negative.” Today, when the divorce rate is at an all-time high, married couples can learn how to succeed in marriage based on relationship principles from the Bible.  The key is not just to know those principles, but to implement and take action upon them. Dr. Lingerfelt shared recently, “The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. Whether in marriage or any area of life, if you want things to change or improve, you must take action!”  


“Marriage doesn’t have to be negative or destructive.  Marriage can be like heaven on earth,” according to Pastors Gene and Sue.


In addition to “You, Me and God,” Dr. Gene Lingerfelt has written an array of further books on similar topics. These include “The God Touch: The Power of Partnership in Faith, Family and Finances,” “A Book of Prayer,” “10 Words That Can Change Your Life,” “80-10-10: Everyman’s Road to Riches,” “Money: A Spiritual Force,” “Prayer and Confession for 2018” and “When We Were Poor,” all of which are available online.


A reviewer of “You, Me and God” points out that in this book, “Whether a marriage is flourishing or floundering, fellow readers will benefit from the insights of Dr. Gene and Sue Lingerfelt as they share real and practical ideas for making every marriage better.”


You may not realize it and you may not even believe it (YET!), but your marriage can be better!  According to Dr. Gene and Sue Lingerfelt, “Your marriage can become the marriage God intended! God wants you to have His best in every area of life, including in your marriage!  Your marriage can be a joy and a blessing, not a burden!”


Published by Harrison House on behalf of Gene Lingerfelt and Sue Lingerfelt, ‘You, Me and God: The Threefold Cord is Not Easily Broken’ (EAN: 9781577941668) is now out of print but may be available to buy from selected local book stores or online from independent booksellers or collectors.  Copies are also available by calling Faith Christian Center at 817-561-3400 and asking for the bookstore.


Today, Dr. Gene and Sue Lingerfelt have been married for more than 40 years.  Both are graduates of Texas Christian University and Dr. Lingerfelt also has an earned doctorate from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.  Together, Dr. Gene and Sue founded Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas in 1984. They also founded St. Paul’s Preparatory Academy in 1988. Dr. Gene and Sue currently reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.  They have two grown children and many grandchildren. Dr. Gene and Sue Lingerfelt have a reputation for practical and relevant teachings from God’s Word that will teach anyone how to be a success in life.