Dr. Gene Lingerfelt Offers Advice on How Young People Can Maintain Their Christian Faith in College

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Dr Gene Lingerfelt Maintain Their Christian Faith Dr Gene Lingerfelt Maintain Their Christian Faith

Faith Christian Center Senior Pastor Dr. Gene Lingerfelt provides helpful advice for young people on how they can maintain their Christian faith in college.


Gene Lingerfelt

In an increasingly dark and wicked world, Faith Christian Center co-founder and senior pastor Dr. Gene Lingerfelt offers expert advice, aided by his son and fellow Faith Christian Center pastor Dr. Austin Lingerfelt, on how young people can best maintain their faith as they head off for college.


“Recently, my son, Dr. Austin Lingerfelt, and I were asked, ‘How can Christian young people retain their faith in college while being faithful in living a moral, virtuous Christian life?'” reveals Dr. Gene Lingerfelt. His recommendations and advice, he says, are based on the stories and feedback which he hears from Faith Christian Center’s young people on a regular basis, and on the college experiences of his own children.


The world, according to Dr. Lingerfelt, is increasingly more wicked. “This is just one result of moral relativism being taught in schools and universities for several decades now,” explains the pastor.


“Christianity, the Bible, and a Christian worldview are all under attack,” according to Dr. Lingerfelt.  “As Christian young people head off to college, they need to be aware of this, and they need to be prepared for what they’ll face.”


Whether a young person is in a Christian or secular college or university, there are a number of practical things they can do to maintain their faith. 


“Find a great church,” advises Dr. Lingerfelt, “no matter what size, where the pastor simply believes and preaches the Bible.”  “Attend church weekly,” he continues, “preferably several times each week, and also help out and volunteer.”


“Young Christians heading off to college should also have their own devotional life, and spend time in God’s Word and prayer every day,” according to Dr. Lingerfelt. “Even better,” he adds, “begin and end every day this way.” “Young Christians (and all believers) should also listen to faith-filled sermons daily,” according to Dr. Lingerfelt.  


The other major factor?  “Friends and relationships!”  Dr. Lingerfelt explains, “Christian young people need to develop friendships and relationships with young people of like mind and faith.  Two thousand years ago, the Apostle Paul wrote, ‘Bad company corrupts good character,’ and that is true 100% of the time.”  


According to Dr. Lingerfelt, “Young Christians in college should be friendly to everyone and walk in love, but they shouldn’t form friendships or close relationships with lost, worldly people who will lead them into sin and wrong conduct.”


“Furthermore,” the pastor continues, “do not join a fraternity or sorority; these organizations are solely for partying, and only date real Christians and people of like mind and faith.”


Lastly, Dr. Gene Lingerfelt suggests that to avoid discouragement, despair, and the feeling of being alone, young Christians in college should keep busy. “Embrace your studies, work, church life, and volunteering, for example,” he adds, wrapping up, “and for more great, practical advice, read James Dobson’s book Life on the Edge.”


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