Dr. Gene Lingerfelt Reflects on Decades-long Global Ministerial Journey

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Dr Gene Lingerfelt Global Ministerial Journey Dr Gene Lingerfelt Global Ministerial Journey
Pastor, missionary, and successful author Dr. Gene Lingerfelt looks back on 40 plus years of spreading God’s Word.

Traveling to more than 40 nations during more than four decades in ministry, Dr. Gene Lingerfelt has helped plant 68 churches in countries around the world. As the senior pastor and co-founder of Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas, Dr. Lingerfelt offers a closer look at his decades-long international ministry journey.

“My desire to travel the world spreading God’s Word began in the early 1980s when my wife, Sue, and I traveled to East Africa as missionaries,” reveals Dr. Lingerfelt.  At the time, he had already finished a master’s degree at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth and Dr. Lingerfelt was working on completing his doctoral degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

After their time in Africa, together Gene and Sue then pioneered Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas.  Since then, Dr. Lingerfelt has become a successful author and pastor. Together, Pastors Gene and Sue have planted nearly 70 churches around the world since their first trip to Africa in 1982.

“For almost 40 years, it has been my life’s mission to teach people from all around the world how to practically apply God’s Word to their everyday lives,” reveals Dr. Lingerfelt. “It all started when my wife, Sue, and I traveled to Africa as missionaries from 1982 to 1983,” he continues, “where I served as an instructor at the East Africa School of Theology in Nairobi, Kenya.”

Closer to home, Dr. Gene and Sue Lingerfelt pioneered Faith Christian Center in a hotel ballroom in Arlington, Texas on January 1, 1985.  Since then, the church has grown and the church is now located on 73-beautiful acres in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Both locally and globally, Dr. Lingerfelt has also made a name for himself as a pastor to men.

According to the U.S. Congregational Life Survey, an average American congregation is typically less than 40 percent male, something which Dr. Lingerfelt believes needs to change. “Regardless of age or background, it can be difficult, as a pastor, to reach men in the community,” he explains, “but I believe that it’s vital that they understand that when they embrace God, they become unstoppable in life.”  “Many men are looking for a man–a man’s man–to pastor them. Being spiritual doesn’t mean being weak. To pastor men, pastors must be men and they must also be bold and confident.” “The key,” according to Dr. Lingerfelt, “is to fearlessly and boldly proclaim God’s Word without compromise.”

This is reflected in many of Dr. Lingerfelt’s books, including “10 Words That Can Change Your Life,” “80-10-10: Everyman’s Road to Riches,” and “Money: A Spiritual Force,” and also in courses of study such as, “Mighty Men of God” and “Spiritual Authority.”

“As a result, at Faith Christian Center today, we enjoy an almost unheard of, even split among men and women in our congregation, something which I’m extremely proud to have been able to achieve,” Dr. Lingerfelt adds.

Having co-founded Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas over three decades ago with his wife of more than 40 years, Dr. Gene Lingerfelt has earned a reputation as a successful, well-respected pastor. As an author, Dr. Gene Lingerfelt has also earned a reputation for his practical and relevant teachings, and for his work and success as a pastor to men in the community. Today, as the proud parents of two grown-up children, Gene and Sue Lingerfelt happily reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.