Dr. Gene Lingerfelt reveals benefits of walking in the blessing of God

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Dr Gene Lingerfelt benefits of walking in the blessing of God Dr Gene Lingerfelt benefits of walking in the blessing of God

Faith Christian Center’s Dr. Gene Lingerfelt offers insight into the Bible, God’s blessing, and His wonderful plan for every man and woman.

Dr. Gene Lingerfelt

“God has a wonderful plan for everyone’s life, no matter their background or what they might be facing,” according to Dr. Gene Lingerfelt, founding and senior pastor of Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas. “God wants every man and woman to be saved. If you will give your life to Him, accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and submit your life to the Word of God, you can experience God’s best and walk in the blessings of God.”

“Many people have been wrongly taught about God. They’ve wrongly heard God is out to get them or God is doing awful, evil things, like giving people cancer,” explains Dr. Lingerfelt. “God has been misrepresented for a long time and that’s why in America so many people have turned away from God.” “They have been wrongly taught God wants them to be a failure or that God is opposed to their success.” Dr. Gene Lingerfelt explains, “Nothing could be further from the truth!”

According to Dr. Lingerfelt, “God is a good God and He has a good plan for each and every person.” “That plan will not automatically happen in your life, however,” explains Dr. Lingerfelt. “There is a success pattern for life in the Bible, God’s Word, but every man or woman must make the choice to embrace that pattern for success.”

“Action is often the missing ingredient for success,” explains Dr. Lingerfelt. “Some people take no action and too many are taking the wrong actions. The key to success is to DO what the Bible says to DO and to live your life according to the success pattern we see in the Bible.”

According to Dr. Gene Lingerfelt, “God wants every individual to fulfill their full potential in life. Because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, we can be forgiven of our sins, we can become a part of the family of God, and we can live this life as the sons and daughters of God.”

“In the Bible, it’s possible to learn how to walk in the blessing of God,” Dr. Lingerfelt explains. At Faith Christian Center, he and son Austin help individuals to discover God’s plan.

“We teach them how to apply the Bible to their everyday lives, so they can walk in the blessing of God,” adds Faith Christian Center co-founder Dr. Lingerfelt. “We want to see everyone be a success in life!”

Faith Christian Center is a non-denominational, Full Gospel church in Arlington, Texas, located on 73 beautiful acres. Dr. Gene Lingerfelt and his son Austin share what they call a positive, motivational message in every service on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

According to the pastor, the Bible covers every subject–life, family and marriage, parenting, child-raising, finances, and more. “Every answer for life,” he claims, “is in the Bible.”

“God has truly given us,” Dr. Lingerfelt adds, wrapping up, “a success formula, in His Word – the Bible.”

Dr. Gene Lingerfelt and his wife Sue founded Faith Christian Center more than 35 years ago. After 40 plus years of marriage and 35 plus years of faithfully pastoring Faith Christian Center, Dr. Gene and Sue Lingerfelt have earned a reputation for practical and relevant teaching from the Bible. Dr. Gene Lingerfelt is also known as a pastor to men and he is well-known for his teachings and books on finances and success. For more information, visit FaithChristianCenter.com.