Dr. Gene Lingerfelt Shares Insights Into a Successful Writing Career.

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Dr Gene Lingerfelt Successful Writing Career Dr Gene Lingerfelt Successful Writing Career

Dr. Gene Lingerfelt Shares Insights Into a Successful Writing Career

Successful author Dr. Gene Lingerfelt offers a closer look at his most popular published works including “A Book of Prayer” and “80-10-10: Everyman’s Road to Riches.”


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A well-respected pastor, having founded Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas over three decades ago, Dr. Gene Lingerfelt is also an accomplished writer and has published numerous books including “10 Words That Can Change Your Life” and “The God Touch.” Here, the popular author, having simultaneously enjoyed a higher calling as a much-loved pastor for more than 35 years, offers a closer look at his writing.


First published in 2013, Dr. Lingerfelt’s “Book of Prayer”’ is highly regarded, having achieved many five-star reviews in the years which have followed. “‘A Book of Prayer’ offers scriptures on prayer, healing, and prosperity,” explains author and pastor Dr. Lingerfelt, “in addition to personalized daily scriptures taken from my own life.”  When it comes to prayer, many Christians don’t know how to pray or what to pray. According to Dr. Lingerfelt, “the most powerful thing any believer can pray is God’s Word.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German pastor, and theologian during World War II, taught his students that they could learn to pray by praying the Psalms. “A Book of Prayer” provides believers with key passages to pray on the subjects of prayer, healing and health, prosperity, marriage and family, and success in life.


In 2014, Dr. Lingerfelt published “10 Words That Can Change Your Life.”  “This powerful volume tells readers how to apply ten specific life-changing words to build and strengthen their self-esteem and relationships while also fostering success through a combination of leadership and faith,” reveals the author.


Based on his own personal experiences, Dr. Lingerfelt provides what he calls “sure-fire strategies for exceptional levels of achievement” in “10 Words.”  God wants His children to be a success in every area of life, but many believers don’t know the practical ingredients that will bring success. They can learn these practical ingredients in “10 Words.”


In “10 Words,” “readers can also learn the dynamic power of initiative while discovering the wellsprings of determination and commitment, and the keys to turning vision into reality,” explains Dr. Lingerfelt. “The book also reveals how personal resolve is able to produce amazing results and how apathy can be turned into action in any situation.”


Another of Dr. Lingerfelt’s five-star-rated books, “80-10-10: Everyman’s Road to Riches,” provides a Bible-based formula for handling the money which flows through your hands. In “80-10-10,” “Readers can discover a simple, yet profound strategy for a lifetime of personal fulfillment and financial success,” writes Dr. Lingerfelt. Any individual who chooses to make a “covenant with God to live the 80-10-10 life” will discover “the blessing, abundance, and favor God has promised.”


Perhaps, the best-known of Dr. Lingerfelt’s books is “The God Touch: The Power of Partnership in Faith, Family, and Finances.”  “The God Touch” challenges readers to enter into an eternal covenant with God for a rewarding, productive life.” True Biblical prosperity is the blessing and favor of God (the touch of God) in every area of life.  


Dr. Lingerfelt believes that through reading “The God Touch,” readers will learn how to have the touch of God upon their marriage, personal relationships, financial investments, and more. “It’s a perfect read for Christians and anyone who wishes to get ahead in this life,” according to Dr. Lingerfelt.


Dr. Lingerfelt has also authored several other books including “Money: A Spiritual Force,” “Prayer and Confession,” and “When We Were Poor.”


Dr. Lingerfelt and wife Sue, have been married for more than 40 years.  They have two grown, successful children, and they also have many grandchildren.  Dr. Gene and Sue regularly teach on marriage and family, and they have also written a popular book for married couples entitled, “You, Me & God.”


Together, Dr. Gene Lingerfelt and wife Sue Lingerfelt founded Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas in 1984.  Both are graduates of Texas Christian University and Dr. Lingerfelt is also a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. Today, the couple happily reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As a pastor and author, Dr. Gene Lingerfelt has a reputation for his practical and relevant teachings.


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