Dr. Joan Grace Valina Tells Prospective Patients for Chest Surgeries What to Ask During an Initial Doctor’s Consultation

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Dr. Joan Grace Valina, a top cosmetic surgeon in the Miami, Florida area, is often asked questions by patients who are considering operations.

Dr. Joan Grace Valina, a top cosmetic surgeon in the Miami, Florida region, says she’s often asked by patients seeking subcutaneous mastectomy (chest) surgeries what they should ask a doctor at an initial consultation if they’re considering using them for an operation.

“What Type of Surgery Do You Perform?”

Dr. Joan Grace Valina says the first question that should be asked of a doctor is what type of surgery they perform. This is so a patient can get an idea right away of what types of surgery the doctor is versed in and if these types apply to one’s body. The more specific the match, the better, says Dr. Valina; if a doctor specializes in the exact type of surgery one is seeking, this is better than if a doctor says they perform many different types of surgeries.

“How Many Mastectomies for Transgender Patients Have You Performed? What Has Been Your Average Success Rate?”

It’s crucial that a doctor has performed at least several hundred surgeries of a particular type and that they’ve had a high rate of success. For instance, if you were a transgender person seeking a mastectomy (breast removal), how many mastectomies has this doctor performed, and what has been their success rate? Be sure to ask the doctor what their definition of a successful procedure is, and if they can predict whether they think the same operation in your case would be successful (and why, or why not).

“What Options Do I Have for Placements and Shapes of Scars?”

For subcutaneous mastectomies, surgery scars are an important consideration, as their texture and color will have a significant impact on the appearance of one’s chest after the surgery is finished. You should select a surgeon who can offer scar placement options that you’re comfortable with and who trusts their ability to attain high-quality results, with a minimal amount of scarring.

“What Can I Expect Prior to and During my Surgery?”

You should definitely ask your prospective surgeon what you can expect during the process of preparation and what will happen while the procedure is ongoing. The surgeon should explain in plain language what your responsibilities will be and what they will be doing, as well as any other information to be aware of.

Chest surgery is a major life decision that should be celebratory and exciting. You should make a list of all your questions beyond what’s outlined here and bring them to your consultation to make sure the doctor answers them in full.

More About Dr. Joan Grace Valina

An exceptionally qualified, triple board-certified general and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Joan Grace Valina is in high demand for her services. Dr. Valina completed the final three years of her general surgery residency at Loyola University Medical Center after finishing her first two years at Michigan State University. She finished fellowships for cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive foregut surgery with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the Allegheny Health Network, respectively. Dr. Valina’s specialties are breast reduction, breast lifts, subcutaneous mastectomy, breast augmentation, chest reconstruction (female-to-male), and more.