Dr. Lingerfelt Takes a Closer Look at the Gender Gap Within Religion in America

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Dr Lingerfelt Gender Gap Within Religion in America Dr Lingerfelt Gender Gap Within Religion in America

Faith Christian Center co-founder and senior pastor Dr. Gene Lingerfelt explains more about the gender gap which currently exists within the American church.


With a gap of as much as 20 percent or more in the number of men and women who routinely attend church in the United States, Faith Christian Center co-founder and senior pastor Dr. Gene Lingerfelt takes a closer look at today’s so-called ‘gender gap’ within religion and explains more about his efforts to reach and pastor men in the community.


“In most churches, there are typically more women than men,” explains Dr. Lingerfelt.  “And it would seem, at least anecdotally, that women are more religious or spiritual than men, particularly among Christians.”  Dr. Lingerfelt, however, then explains why: “Men crave strong leadership. Men crave leaders like Joshua and Caleb in the Old Testament.  Men are not drawn to weak leadership.”


“In any church with a strong male leader, and bold, Biblical values, you will have men,” according to Dr. Lingerfelt.  “This goes against what is typical or common but it is possible.”


Pastor Gene Lingerfelt & American Pew Research Center

A study performed by the nonpartisan American ‘fact tank’ Pew Research Center found that, of those surveyed, 60 percent of women claimed that religion was ‘very important’ in their lives, while only 47 percent of men surveyed suggested the same.


“The same study also found that, in America, women are more likely to pray daily, at 64 percent versus less than 50 percent for men, and attend religious services on one or more occasions each week, with 40 percent of women surveyed suggesting that they did so, versus only 32 percent of men asked.”


The problem, however, is not men or that they are less spiritual.  “The problem,” according to Dr. Lingerfelt, “is a lack of strong male leadership and role models in today’s churches.”


The Pew Center’s findings are also closely echoed by the United States Congregational Life Survey, America’s largest system of church surveys. “The United States Congregational Life Survey has, again, found that an average American congregation is less than 40 percent male,” points out Dr. Lingerfelt.


In contrast to what is typical in the American church and religious culture, since its inception, Faith Christian Center has drawn men due to Dr. Lingerfelt’s strong leadership and his example as a positive male role model.  At any Sunday at Faith Christian Center, “You will see as many men as women,” explains Dr. Lingerfelt.


Dr. Lingerfelt also has a special ministry to men.  Several times a year, he has men’s Power Lunches, and every year he has a Father’s Day Guys Night Out.  Dr. Lingerfelt has also written books and workbooks specifically geared toward men, such as Mighty Men of God.  Dr. Lingerfelt is known as a man’s pastor.  


“Reaching and pastoring men isn’t hard.  And men can be spiritual and can walk with God as mighty men of God in today’s world and culture.  They just need strong male leadership and positive, Biblical role models and examples,” according to Dr. Lingerfelt.


Dr. Lingerfelt also specializes in teaching men how to be a success.  There are many men at Faith Christian Center who had nothing and a net worth of less than $0 when they first started attending the church.  Today, they are successful, many have their own businesses, and some have become millionaires and multi-millionaires. “With the help of God, all things are possible,” according to Pastor Lingerfelt.


To find out more about Dr. Lingerfelt and Arlington’s Faith Christian Center, please visit http://www.faithchristiancenter.com/.