Dr. Mark Fleckner of Garden City Talks About the Importance of Annual Eye Exams

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David Kent Joslin David Kent Joslin

Taking care of your vision is one of the most important things that you can do. Our vision allows us to see in our daily lives and we wouldn’t be able to do much without it. This is due to the fact that our livelihood depends so much on our vision. Your job, daily tasks, and professional relationships depend on you being able to see. However, vision can begin to fade as a person gets older. This is a natural process in life and many people brace themselves for it. But what about the people who are younger and need their vision to work correctly? Dr. Mark R. Fleckner MD, a fellowship certified ophthalmologist, focuses on diseases that can affect the retina.

Dr. Mark Fleckner of Garden City wants people to understand that optical diseases can develop at any age in life. Young children can develop retinal diseases that can take their vision away from them before they even reach adulthood. This is why Dr. Mark Fleckner recommends that people of all ages receive an annual eye exam to ensure that their vision is working properly.

But what is the importance of this? What if your vision is working perfectly fine and you don’t feel the need to get an eye exam? Dr. Mark R. Fleckner explains that this is the point where people let their guards down and become complacent. Optical professionals such as Dr. Mark Fleckner of Garden City know that there could be something lurking under the surface that you were unaware of. This is because diseases are oftentimes undetected by untrained individuals. Dr. Mark R. Fleckner has used state of the art optical technology in order to catch retinal diseases before they become bigger problems. This proactive method has saved the vision of dozens of people over the years. Many patients have come back to thank Dr. Mark Fleckner of Garden City for making such an incredible impact on their lives with his work.

Dr. Mark R. Fleckner recommends that you visit your ophthalmologist once a year for a basic eye exam. Your ophthalmologist will be able to detect whether or not there is some kind of problem brewing under the surface while using the latest technology in the medical industry. Dr. Mark Fleckner of Garden City knows above all else that having your vision is something you can’t afford to lose. It is better to be safe than sorry whenever it comes to dealing with the severity of retinal diseases.