Dr. Mark Pinsky Employs NeoGraft Treatments to Repair Patient Hair Loss

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Repair Patient Hair Loss Repair Patient Hair Loss

Hair loss affects millions of people across the country, but at the offices of Dr. Mark Pinsky, patients can receive low-impact NeoGraft hair restoration treatments.


Using a sophisticated combination of hardware and software, automated NeoGraft treatments help restore a thick head of hair using minimally-invasive techniques.


Alopecia is the medical term for the common condition of hair loss, and it affects approximately 35 million men and 21 million women in the U.S. This type of hair loss is most often caused by hormonal changes and genetics, and there are plenty of shampoos and creams on the market that claims to be the end-to-end solution. Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Pinsky understands that these remedies don’t always work out as they’re marketed, and suggests patients turn to proven procedures like NeoGraft to restore their hair. 


“People want to see fast results without having to suffer too much to gain back a full head of hair, and that already limits them to a handful of treatments,” says Dr. Mark Pinsky. “With NeoGraft, we’re able to give patients same-day results without them suffering through long-lasting negative side effects or extensive downtime post-procedure.”


In typical hair transplant procedures, large areas of hair and skin are stripped from the back of the head to be placed elsewhere. NeoGraft only removes a single hair follicle at a time and reinserts it on the scalp where it will then grow in naturally. It helps fill in areas where hair has begun to thin out, and it does so without leaving major scarring or removing areas of skin. In traditional hair transplants, incision scars can linger long after the procedure, if not permanently. NeoGraft eliminates linear scars for natural-looking hairlines all around.  


Certified technicians such as Dr. Mark Pinsky and his team use a process called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) that isolates and transplants each hair follicle. The precision device employed in the procedure utilizes controlled pneumatic pressure to slide the graft out smoothly. This ensures there’s no twisting or pulling of hair that would otherwise risk damaging the follicle. With NeoGraft, hair follicles are replanted sooner, which cuts down the length of the procedure and associated recovery time.


For those patients who are concerned with the amount of pain involved, topical numbing is available before treatment. However, the process is a much less invasive alternative to traditional transplant procedures. Instead of scalpels slicing away large portions of the scalp, NeoGraft never requires more than an incision as small as a needle prick. 


“Because NeoGraft is so minimally-invasive and effective, it’s a great treatment for both men and women suffering from hair loss,” says Dr. Mark Pinsky. “And because it’s patients’ own hair, they get natural results for years to come.