Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD Assists Elderly Patients by Making Checkup Visits to Local Nursing Homes

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Dr Muhammed Niaz MD Dr Muhammed Niaz MD Assists Elderly Patients by Making Checkup Visits to Local Nursing Homes Dr Muhammed Niaz MD Dr Muhammed Niaz MD Assists Elderly Patients by Making Checkup Visits to Local Nursing Homes

With decades of experience as a healthcare professional, Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD has consistently expanded his offerings and outreaches to provide care in a variety of capacities. Assisting elderly patients who may not be able to travel for checkups, he makes regular visits to local nursing homes and helps keep their health in check. 

Nursing home patients require a lot of care from health professionals, but they aren’t always capable of leaving their beds to make doctor appointments. It’s up to dedicated professionals such as Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD to administer diagnosis and treatments during regular nursing home visits. 

“Many times, elderly patients need a lot more care than the average person, but they are often incapable of driving themselves, finding transportation, or else leaving their beds to seek treatment,” says Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD. “Not all doctors even consider the idea of making nursing home visits, but they are undoubtedly needed in elderly facilities across the country.”

Dr. Niaz has earned a reputation for his unique dedication to patients and his efforts to ensure that underprivileged or underrepresented people can still find access to quality healthcare. His medical work has earned him top accolades and special certifications, and he consistently seeks ways to improve his offerings. 

“There are nursing homes in communities across the country where the tenants need medical attention, but there’s no transportation system set up for them,” says Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD. “They’ve put in the hard work their whole lives, and they should at least have the reward of dedicated medical care in their final years.” 

Visiting healthcare professionals perform checkups in nursing home rooms just as they would in their own offices. During visits, doctors can tailor a plan that fits each patient’s individual health needs and doesn’t require them to travel on occasion to receive care. They work in tandem with nurses and other professionals on-site to ensure information is relayed and medicine or therapy is administered. Some doctors have even begun to take more advantage of the growing remote patient monitoring technology to keep an eye on their health while away. 

“By working with both family members of nursing home patients as well as on-site staff, healthcare professionals can monitor patient health closely and determine procedures or solutions quickly,” says Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD. “Visits are highly beneficial even for patients who aren’t in immediate need of attention; they ensure we catch early signs of sickness in elderly patients before symptoms become severe.”

Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD earned the Best Research Award of 1996 during an internal medicine residency program in Washington, DC and is a recipient of the National Leadership Award. Besides making nursing home visits, he also serves as Honorary Co-Chairman of the Physician Advisory Board and is a certified examiner for the Department of Transportation.