Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD Encourages Daily Physical Activity for Improved Health

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Dr Muhammed Niaz MD Daily Physical Activity for Improved Health Dr Muhammed Niaz MD Daily Physical Activity for Improved Health

Keeping up with the latest tech and procedural advances, Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD is able to provide his patients in Delaware effective and long-lasting care. He encourages daily physical activity from all his patients as it can improve many areas of their health now and in years to come. 


Dr. Niaz MD

Striving to provide his patients only the most dedicated and tailored care, Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD regularly looks for ways they can take control of their health in between doctor visits. He regularly encourages his patients to get some form of physical activity every day to improve the components of their overall well-being such as sleep, mood, and energy. In addition, Dr. Niaz says regular activity can ward off some of the most troubling health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. 


“People don’t need to be marathon runners or triathletes to gain better health,” says Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD. “As little activity as a fifteen or twenty-minute walk a day, or a few steady jogs throughout the week, is good enough. I think if more people understood that it doesn’t require an extraneous effort to stay healthy, they would be more interested in regular activity.”


With a little bit of physical activity each day, people can reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease as well as improve their overall mood. Aerobic exercise causes the body to release endorphins, which aid in getting to sleep faster and sleeping longer through the night. This, in turn, will improve mood in addition to lessening the effects of anxiety and providing more energy during the day. 


Regular activity increases the heart rate and helps the body to burn off excess fat. By adding cardio and other forms of steady exercise (whether it’s walking, swimming, bicycling, jogging, etc.), people can manage their weight and fight off a number of associated diseases and illnesses. Exercise will also help them to lower their blood pressure and ease the strain on the heart. Reducing the risk of heart attack is a major health achievement: currently, about 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year.1


“Many of my patients are concerned with how they look just as much if not more than how healthy their bodies are,” says Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD. “Thankfully, short walks and other activities are easy to implement into their daily routines and improve both their health and their appearance.” 


In addition to improved sleep, mood, and cardiovascular health, regular activity can also help develop stronger bones, muscles, and joints, and ultimately lower the risk of developing osteoporosis (bone disease). 


“There are few things I can suggest as a healthcare professional that can revolutionize my patients’ health like daily physical activity can,” says Dr. Muhammed Niaz. MD. “It can improve so many areas of their health and it doesn’t require anything more than a walk around the neighborhood each day.”