Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD Helps Prevent Life-Threatening Diseases as Internal Medicine Specialist

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Dr Muhammed Niaz MD Dr Muhammed Niaz MD

For decades, Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD has delivered exceptional personalized care and attention to his patients, connecting them with industry-leading medical solutions and teaching them how to live healthier lives. Having practiced internal medicine for years, Dr. Muhammed Niaz is able to help prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases that affect his adult patients.

Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD has developed a reputation for top-quality patient care in the Delaware area and has become a national leader in the field of internal medicine. He creates meaningful relationships with his patients and studies factors like genetics and family illnesses to give them the best chances of warding off disease in the future.

One of the greatest challenges patients in America face today is poor heart health, which in Dr. Niaz’s experience is usually due to patients’ eating habits and lack of physical activity.

“Poor heart health is one of the most detrimental illnesses facing people in America right now,” says Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD. “A staggering number of citizens — some estimates claim as much as half of the population — live with some sort of cardiovascular disease or heart health concern. It’s as much of a threat, if not more so, than illnesses like Alzheimer’s or cancer.”

Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD, as an internal medicine specialist, offers both medical and non-medical solutions to patients facing poor heart health as well as tests and procedures to determine best outcomes. In addition to medical procedures or medications, he often suggests improved diet plans, beneficial exercise routines, and better sleeping schedules among other useful components.

“Every one of my patients can benefit from a few simple lifestyle changes that will ensure they’re treating their bodies appropriately and can age without worry of many illnesses or diseases,” says Dr.Muhammed Niaz MD.

One of the most efficient and easiest ways for patients to improve heart health is to find a physical activity they enjoy doing and can participate in throughout the week. He prompts his patients to get involved in sports like tennis or hobbies like kayaking, or, if nothing else, to take short walks around the neighborhood to increase heart rate and improve cardiovascular function. He informs his patients how weight management is a large factor in good health, and how something as short as a brisk walk around the neighborhood each day is enough to burn surplus calories.

In addition, Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD suggests eating foods that are classified as “heart healthy” and to cut out fatty or fried meals as often as possible. He suggests incorporating more Omega 3 dietary fats and monounsaturated fats while avoiding trans and saturated fats as much as possible. Dr. Muhammed Niaz also suggests finding recipes that include vegetables or fruits rich in antioxidants to help protect against disease long-term.

“Achieving and maintaining optimal health is about lifestyle choices and everyday habits like regular activity and healthy foods,” says Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD. “Patients don’t need to overhaul their lives to achieve better health; they only need to make improved choices on a small scale each day.”