Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD Practices Internal Medicine for Disease Prevention

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Dr Muhammed Niaz MD Dr Muhammed Niaz MD

Over decades of personalized care and attention, Dr. Muhammed Niaz has helped countless patients live their healthiest lives by providing industry-leading medical solutions. Practicing internal medicine, he is able to help prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases that affect his adult patients.

Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD is dedicated to quality care to his patients in the Delaware area, and provides them many resources to help take control of their health and prevent major illnesses. As an internal medicine specialist, Dr. Niaz creates meaningful relationships with his patients and oversees their general care in addition to studying factors like genetics and family illnesses to ward off disease in the future.

One of the biggest concerns Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD comes across is poor heart health, or the potential for poor heart health due to patients’ eating habits and lack of physical activity.

“Poor heart health is one of the most detrimental illnesses facing people in America right now,” says Muhammed Niaz MD. “A staggering number of citizens–some estimates claim as much as half of the population–live with some sort of cardiovascular disease or heart health concerns. It’s as much of a threat, if not wildly more so, than illnesses like Alzheimer’s or cancer.”

One of the milestones of a credible internal medicine specialist is the ability to offer non-medical solutions in addition to any tests or procedures for improved health. This includes things like improved diet plans, new exercise routines or physical fitness, and better sleeping schedules among other useful components.

“All patients can benefit from a few simple lifestyle changes that will ensure they’re treating their bodies appropriately and can age without worry of major illnesses or disease,” says Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD.

Above all, he asks that his patients find a physical activity they love and can participate in a few times a week. In lieu of a sport like soccer or hobby like kayaking, he advises taking short walks around the neighborhood to increase heart rate and warm up the body’s various systems. Weight management is a big factor in positive health, and a brisk walk around the neighborhood each day is enough to get the metabolism going to burn off fat and impurities.

Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD also suggests eating heart healthy foods and cutting out fatty or fried meals as often as possible. In its place, he advises incorporating more Omega 3 dietary fats and monounsaturated fats while avoiding trans and saturated fats altogether. Dr. Niaz also suggests adding vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants to patients’ diets as well as foods like oatmeal that can help lower cholesterol.

“Achieving and maintaining optimal health is about lifestyle choices and everyday habits like regular activity and better foods,” says Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD. “Truthfully, it doesn’t take a lot of work for patients to fortify their bodies against common illnesses as they age.”