Dr. Niaz MD Acts as Medical Examiner for Department of Transportation

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Dr Niaz MD Dr Niaz MD

Dr. Niaz MD is a healthcare professional who has treated patients for decades and has performed a range of extracurricular responsibilities in the medical industry. Serving as a licensed medical examiner for the Department of Transportation, he examines and clears drivers for duty as OTR truck drivers. 


As a leading voice in professional healthcare, Dr. Niaz MD has had a tremendous impact both on the health of his patients and on the work of his peers. He applies his medical education and experience beyond the immediate profession in his spare time, notably to organizations like the Department of Transportation (DoT) where he serves as an official examiner. 


In this role, Dr. Niaz MD helps certify new OTR truck drivers where they can go on to help transport goods across the country. Driving large machinery such as semi-trucks across public highways requires drivers to demonstrate a certain level of ability, understanding, and health status. Examinations helps eliminate potential threats from the road, but they require the assistance of certified medical professionals like Dr. Niaz. 


Before any drivers are allowed to take on a job as an OTR truck driver, they must prove that they’re qualified to do so without putting civilians on the road in danger. To ensure this, the DoT hires medical examiners like Dr. Niaz MD who undergo training and earn an official certification. Once completed, examiners can measure the well-being and physical fitness of driver applicants to determine if they are fit to drive. It’s ultimately up to medical examiners to keep the roads safer by clearing only capable and healthy drivers. 


The truck driving industry is one of our country’s most vital resources, often called the backbone of America as much of our everyday necessities are transported from coast-to-coast by OTR truck drivers. Medical examinations ensure that truck drivers are competent and able to transport heavy loads across the nation without putting other drivers in harm. 


Being a medical professional doesn’t automatically qualify someone to become a medical examiner with the DOT. Instead, every potential examiner must meet certain requirements before undergoing specialized training courses. Examiners like Dr. Niaz MD must first complete the FMCSA Medical Examiner Certification Test to prove their understanding of FMCSA-specific information and the requirements of commercial motor vehicle drivers.


“Our country relies on the OTR truck driving industry to deliver necessities to all fifty states,” says Dr. Niaz MD. “And it’s up to examiners to protect America’s highways and ensure the system runs as safely and efficiently as possible.”


Apart from his service to the DoT, Dr. Niaz MD has earned many certifications and accreditations, serving as both a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine and a certified clinical densitometrist and Fellow of the American College of Physicians.