Dr. Niaz MD Examines and Clears Truck Drivers for Over-the-Road Duty

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Dr Niaz MD Dr Niaz MD

For decades, Dr. Niaz MD has been a leading voice in professional healthcare and has gained a reputation for dedicated and compassionate care. Applying his education beyond the immediate profession, Dr. Niaz has earned certification to be an official examiner with the Department of Transportation, where he helps clear drivers for duty. 

In addition to a range of medical applications, Dr. Niaz MD has now extended his expertise and education to the Department of Education where he helps certify new OTR truck drivers through examinations. Hauling large machinery across the country on public highways demands a certain level of ability, understanding, and health status. Before drivers are permitted to pilot semi-trucks and other heavy machinery, they must prove that they are qualified to do so without being a major threat to civilians on the road. 

In order to achieve this, the Department of Transportation (DOT) hires medical examiners like Dr. Niaz MD who have undergone extensive training and earned their official certification. Once completed, examiners can measure the well-being and physical fitness of driver applicants to determine if they are fit to operate the machinery or not. In the end, it’s up to examiners like Dr. Niaz MD to keep the roads safe by clearing only well-suited drivers. 

Medical examinations for OTR truck drivers is a vital resource as it ensures safe, new drivers in an evolving and necessary field. The trucking industry is often referred to as the backbone of America because it is responsible for distributing food, water, and other necessities to store locations across the country. The work of OTR truck drivers is tedious and can be dangerous in the wrong hands (given the sheer weight they manage), making the job of certified examiners extremely important. 

Not every medical professional is qualified to become a medical examiner with the DOT. Each potential examiner must first meet a handful of requirements before undergoing specialized training courses. Examiners like Dr. Niaz MD must first complete the FMCSA Medical Examiner Certification Test to prove their understanding of FMCSA-specific information and the requirements of commercial motor vehicle drivers.

“Our country relies on the OTR truck driving industry to deliver the most basic necessities to all fifty states,” says Dr. Niaz MD. “And it’s up to examiners to protect America’s highways and ensure the system runs as safely and efficiently as possible.”

Dr. Niaz MD has earned many certifications and accreditations in his professional career and serves as a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine. He’s also an official Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management and a certified clinical densitometrist and Fellow of the American College of Physicians. He earned the Best Research Award of 1996 during his internal medicine residency program in Washington, DC, and is a recipient of the National Leadership Award.