Dr. Niaz MD Performs Medical Exams for Green Card Applicants as Civil Surgeon

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Dr Niaz MD Medical Exams for Green Card Applicants Dr Niaz MD Medical Exams for Green Card Applicants

Dr. Muhammed Niaz MDOver the years, Dr. Niaz MD has exercised and improved on his experience as a certified physician in many capacities besides caring for his regular patients. In addition to performing checkups in nursing homes and clearing drivers for the Department of Transportation, Dr. Niaz MD serves as a civil surgeon who performs medical exams for green card applicants.

Dr. Niaz MD is a certified physician with years of experience providing top-notch medical solutions that leverage the latest in technology and medical breakthroughs. He’s helped obese patients transform their lives and has cleared over-the-road truck drivers for work in the trucking industry. He makes it a point to help as many people as he can, using his professional experience and his extensive medical education to meet patient needs.

“It just wasn’t enough to see regular patients throughout the day, I wanted to help people on a grander scale in many different capacities,” says Dr. Niaz MD. “I try to devote as much free time as I can to the people in my community, whether they’re nursing home patients who can’t drive to a hospital or those looking to start a career in the trucking industry.”

In addition, he performs medical exams on people who are applying for their green cards in America and takes on the role of a civil surgeon. This type of medical examination ultimately determines if an applicant will be cleared to work and live in the US.

Each exam must be completed by a government-authorized physician and consists of a few notable parts. Qualified professionals like Dr. Niaz MD review each applicant’s immunization records and medical history as well as perform a thorough mental and physical evaluation. Next, green card applicants must take a drug and alcohol test and screen for any diseases or illnesses. The medical exam will determine if those seeking a green card are free of any health conditions that could make them “inadmissible” to the United States, and therefore ineligible for residence here.

“Regular doctors can’t perform the medical examination required for green cards,” says Dr. Niaz MD. “Civil surgeons who are cleared to perform green card medical examinations receive ongoing training about immigration issues.”

During the exam, Dr. Niaz MD discusses medical history with patients and asks them to provide any documentation or vaccination records to help things along. After, he performs physical examinations, chest x-rays, and blood tests to determine current health standing. Qualified medical examiners look at the eyes, ears, throat, heart, lungs, abdomen, lymph nodes, skin, and other physical indicators of poor or concerning health.

“Once they complete the examination, green card applicants have a full year of their records remaining valid,” says Dr. Niaz MD. “The results can then be taken to visa interviews to verify qualification within that year.”