Dr. Rassael Helps Patients Feel Confident Again

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Dr Rassael Feel Confident Again Dr Rassael Feel Confident Again

Knowing when to get breast surgery can be a difficult decision. Dr. Rassael offers advice on this important topic.


Dr. Hadi Rassael

Dr. Rassael offers a series of breast procedures, including breast augmentation, breast lifts, and breast reductions. These procedures can surgically sculpt your breasts into the desired shape helping you feel whole again.

“The goal of every procedure is to help our patients look amazing,” explained Dr. Rassael. “We want every patient to leave thrilled with their results.”


Starting with an individual consultation, Dr. Rassael wants to ultimately create a beautiful, natural look that matches what the patient desires, and will be the safest option for them medically.

Dr. Rassael can perform a number of procedures for women, one of the most common is breast augmentation surgery with implants. This procedure is for women who desire fuller breasts and want to achieve the proportions they feel will suit them best. This procedure adds shape and volume and involves the surgical insertion of saline or silicone implants directly above or below the pectoral muscle to enhance the breasts on each patient.

Dr. Rassael can also combine this procedure with a breast lift to help with balance and proportion. Designed to reshape and reposition the breasts, a breast lift, or lift mastopexy, is a popular cosmetic surgery option for women with lower than ideal breasts. This can happen during breastfeeding, after weight loss, and throughout pregnancy and also aging. During this procedure, Dr. Rassael will remove excess loose skin and tissue, tightening the remaining skin and also reposition the patient’s nipple if the procedure requires it.

“Through our individual consultations, we teach our patients to think about the big picture,” explained Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael. “We want them to be the best version of themselves, happy, healthy and whole.”

Dr. Rassael also performs breast reduction procedures, often to achieve the optimal and desired breast size for a patient and their body. For women with overly large or heavy breasts, this procedure can change their lives, taking away pain and physical discomfort, hence improving the quality of life.

Dr. Hadi Rassael knows how important these procedures are, and focuses first and foremost on the patient, their health, and their goals. Considering these procedures is a life-changing decision, and Dr. Rassael recommends everyone considering them to come in for a consultation first.

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