Dr. Scott Zack Explains When to See a Chiropractor

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Dr Scott Zack When to See a Chiropractor Dr Scott Zack When to See a Chiropractor
Dr. Scott Zack

Primary care provider Dr. Scott Zack reveals when a visit to a qualified chiropractor may be in order.

Well beyond treating severe back and neck pain, qualified chiropractors are further highly skilled in addressing all manner of health and wellness complaints, from headaches and migraines to reduced mobility and impaired cognitive function. Dr. Scott Zack, a chiropractor and primary care provider from the Detroit metropolitan area of Michigan, explains when and where a skilled chiropractor may be able to address an individual’s ill health or general well-being.

“Much of what we do as chiropractors centers around reducing pain and discomfort in various parts of the body by focusing on the ties between the spine and the central nervous system,” explains Dr. Zack.

The spine’s direct connection with the body’s central nervous system, he further points out, means that, well beyond solely addressing severe back and neck pain, chiropractic care can be used to treat much of the body, including its extremities.

“Often I’m asked, ”When should I visit a chiropractor?’” reveals Dr. Zack. “For starters, experiencing back or neck pain is only one of many signs that a visit to a chiropractor may be in order,” he explains.

Dr. Zack continues, “Patients should also seek the advice of a chiropractor for severe leg pain, which may be a sign of a trapped nerve in the spine, or a slipped disc, as well as for headaches, migraines, and muscle and joint pain.”

Chiropractic adjustments, he says, for example, are capable of easing pain and discomfort centered around the head. “By relieving pressure on the spine, recurring headaches and migraines can be overcome, and balance restored,” suggests the expert.

“Low mobility, unusual wear patterns on the soles of an individual’s footwear, the nature of a person’s occupation—such as sitting at a computer every day—and recent involvement in a car or motorcycle accident are all further reasons to seek out the help or advice of a chiropractor,” Dr. Scott Zack reveals.

Chiropractic care is also further touted to help maintain cognitive function, and to be beneficial for those who are highly active, particularly in regards to strenuous sporting activities. “Many professional athletes, it should be noted,” Dr. Zack adds, wrapping up, “regularly seek out chiropractic care in order to maintain and improve their performance and overall fitness levels.”

Dr. Scott Zack is an experienced chiropractor and primary care provider based in the Oakland County charter township of West Bloomfield, located within the Detroit metropolitan area of Michigan. Concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, chiropractors such as Dr. Zack and his industry colleagues focus on alternative therapy centered predominantly around the spine. Chiropractic manipulation is today widely utilized in the treatment of lower back and sciatic nerve pain, headaches, extremity conditions, whiplash, and other neck pain, among various other increasingly common health complaints.