Dr. Scott Zack Reflects on Rapid Growth in Chiropractic Care Market

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Dr Scott Zack Chiropractic Care Market Dr Scott Zack Chiropractic Care Market

Chiropractor Dr. Scott Zack considers the latest market research analysis and explains more surrounding the rapid growth currently occurring in the industry.


Scott Zack

Last year, prominent market research and consulting firm from San Francisco, California, estimated that, by 2025, the chiropractic care market in the United States could be worth close to $18 billion annually. An established Michigan-based primary care provider and chiropractor, Dr. Scott Zack reflects on the findings.


“Supported by figures from the American Chiropractic Association, recently published estimates suggest that the U.S. chiropractic care market will reach an annual value of more than $17.9 billion by 2025,” reveals Dr. Zack.


A report conducted in 2018 by market research and consulting firm Grand View Research, Inc. puts the actual value at $17.93 billion, reflecting a compound annual growth rate equivalent to 4.32%, and up by more than $5.5 billion from $12.26 billion in 2017.


Based in San Francisco, California, business consulting firm Grand View Research offers action-ready market research reports and custom market analysis, according to the organization’s website.


“The growth we’re already seeing is largely thanks to increasing adoption among patients of non-invasive solutions for the management of chronic pain,” Dr. Zack suggests, “as well as ever-increasing awareness surrounding the growing problem of prescription drug addiction and abuse.”


These, he says, are two of the primary factors responsible for recently forecast rapid growth, and growth which is already happening, in the chiropractic care market, both in the United States and overseas.


“We’re already seeing significant growth, much in line with what’s predicted between now and 2025,” points out Dr. Zack, an experienced and well-respected chiropractor currently based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.


What’s more, according to the expert, the introduction of new laws surrounding chiropractic care is further supporting growth in the industry, encouraging more people to the field both as patients and as qualified practitioners.


According to Grand View Research’s report, meanwhile, during 2017-2018, an impressive 95 percent of individuals who sought past-year chiropractic care cited their treatment as an effective form of therapy for their back, neck, and other musculoskeletal pain.


“The results,” adds Dr. Zack, wrapping up, “speak for themselves.”


Dr. Scott Zack is an experienced chiropractor and primary care provider based in the Oakland County charter township of West Bloomfield, located within the Detroit metropolitan area of Michigan. Concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, chiropractors such as Dr. Zack and his colleagues focus on alternative therapy centered chiefly around the spine. Chiropractic manipulation is today widely utilized in the treatment of lower back and sciatic nerve pain, headaches, extremity conditions, whiplash, and other neck pain, among numerous other increasingly common health complaints.