Dr. Scott Zack reveals often overlooked benefits of chiropractic care

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Dr Scott Zack benefits of chiropractic care Dr Scott Zack benefits of chiropractic care

Chiropractor and primary care physician Dr. Scott P. Zack addresses the often overlooked, little-known benefits of chiropractic medicine.

With demand for chiropractic care growing both in the United States and globally, significant aspects of the process—and the benefits which come with them—are still commonly overlooked, according to experts. A primary care provider and highly experienced chiropractor, Dr. Scott P. Zack reveals a number of key, little-known benefits of the treatment which is largely centered around spinal, soft tissue, and joint manipulation, traction, and exercise.

“First of all, chiropractic care is for more than just back and neck pain,” reveals Dr. Zack, an established chiropractor based in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan. In fact, he says, chiropractic medicine has been developed to address numerous health complaints and conditions, including recurrent headaches, injury damage, chronic pain, stress, general fatigue, and more.

“The process affords many of these benefits,” Dr. Scott Zack adds, “via a reduction in tissue, joint, and other bodily inflammation, and regulation of blood pressure, both of which promote improved organ function, and, in turn, an improved ability to sleep soundly, and a renewed sense of overall well-being.”

Next among Dr. Zack’s highlighted benefits of chiropractic treatment is improved nerve health. “Because the process involves manipulation of the spine, chiropractic care actively relieves pressure on the body’s countless nerve endings,” he explains, “allowing our incredibly complex nervous systems to do their jobs much, much more efficiently and effectively.”

By repairing or otherwise helping to prevent against nerve damage, chiropractic medicine can, says Dr. Scott Zack, directly combat pain, both in the back and neck, and elsewhere in the body.

“Another often overlooked aspect of chiropractics is how long the process has existed,” further reveals the physician.

While modern chiropractic care has its roots in the 1890s and early 20th century, the core philosophy behind the practice dates back thousands of years. Indeed, records of therapeutic spinal manipulation date as far back as prehistoric times. “As early as 5,000 B.C. in fact, according to recently unearthed historical discoveries,” Dr. Zack adds.

Lastly, the expert touches on cost. “Chiropractic care is incredibly cost-effective,” suggests Dr. Scott Zack.

It’s a misconception, he says, that chiropractic treatment is unduly expensive. “Chiropractic medicine can, in many cases, offer a viable, highly effective alternative to costly surgery,” he adds, wrapping up, “and can reduce or even eliminate reliance upon expensive medications, saving considerable amounts of money, particularly in the long term.”