Dr. William Lanza and The Dental Institute Restore Smiles for Adults with Invisible Braces

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Dr William Lanza Dr William Lanza

Bethesda, MD dentist Dr. William Lanza uses the latest techniques to give adults greater confidence with a straight smile without surgery or unsightly braces

Many adults underwent extensive orthodontic work as children, but sometimes after their wisdom teeth come in, they are facing a crooked smile once again. The Dental Institute, located in nearby Bethesda, MD headed by Dr. William Lanza employs cutting edge technology to restore that beautiful smile using Invisalign braces. Unlike traditional methods, Invisalign uses clear trays to slowly return teeth to their proper position and require minimal intervention by a dentist during treatment, making this a more popular option for busy college students and business professionals.

A Certified Invisalign Dentist–Dr. William Lanza is Bringing Back Smiles
When adult patients come to Dr. William Lanza with a crooked smile, he is able to put his certification as an experienced Invisalign dentist to work. A complete set of digital x-rays are taken and a graduated collection of trays molded to the patient’s mouth are created. The patient simply wears the tray for a few weeks to start moving their teeth and switch up to the next tray in the series on a set schedule.  Dr. William Lanza only needs to check the patient’s mouth once every few months to ensure that the trays are doing their job. It is rare that any wires or surgery are required. Best of all, the trays are molded out of clear plastics that help patients maintain confidence during treatment.

Dr. William Lanza Delivers Technology that Works for Active Adults
In the past, adults that wished to straighten their smile would have to undergo extensive and painful treatment, along with wearing those iconic silver wires and braces. Sweet and sticky snacks were forbidden and nobody wanted to smile. The latest technology in orthodontics practiced by Dr. William Lanza uses almost no invasive procedures. Even x-rays are easier with 360-degree digital imaging that takes only one minute to capture a complete record of the patient’s mouth. While undergoing treatment, most adults do not have to make any adjustments to their busy lives while using the Invisalign program.  It’s a simpler solution.

The Dental Institute and Dr. William Lanza Provide Complete Dental Services
Not only does Dr. William Lanza offer the Invisalign procedure, he and his practice, The Dental Institute, offer a complete selection of dental services. Patients can receive preventative care, fillings, root canals, and implants. Dr. William Lanza actively maintains all his certifications and studies extensively to integrate the latest treatments into his practice.

Dr. William Lanza Serving the Greater Metro D.C. Area for Nearly a Decade
Those who work and live in the Washington D.C. and Bethesda, MD area can take advantage of all the services offered by Dr. William Lanza and the Dental Insitute. The practice is open Monday through Friday during normal business hours with 24-hour emergency services also available.