Dr. William Lanza Boosts Patients’ Cavity Prevention with Dental Sealants

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Dr William Lanza Dr William Lanza

Dentist Dr. William Lanza has helped countless individuals in Maryland take control of their dental health, and explains below how applying sealants provided them an extra barrier of defense against cavities. 

In his Bethesda office, Dr. William Lanza offers a range of sophisticated resources and procedures that deliver brighter, healthier smiles for all his patients. Committed to providing only the most effective long-term solutions for patients’ needs, he’s adamant about keeping his practice at the cutting edge of technology.

“We’ve upgraded our equipment to deliver faster and more effective procedures that provide more comfort for patients,” says Dr. William Lanza. “However, some of our most effective methods of cavity prevention have been the same procedures we’ve relied on for years, such as dental sealants, which provide a physical layer of protection.”

The dental sealants used in the offices of Dr. William Lanza are made up of a plastic resin material that are applied to the deep recesses of back teeth normally used for chewing. This is an especially tough spot for tooth brushes to reach and often the place where tooth decay begins. Deep depressions and grooves are likely to collect plaque and food over time, which fuel the decaying process.

“The solution for patients with especially deep grooves in their premolars and molars is to apply a fine layer of sealant that will prevent food and plaque from settling there,” says Dr. William Lanza.

The process of applying the sealant material is simple and performed quickly in-office. Dentists like Dr. William Lanza paint a sealant bond directly onto teeth where it hardens in their pits and fissures. Acids, sugar, food, and plaque can’t settle onto teeth’s surfaces while the sealant barrier is in place, protecting the enamel underneath.

“Sealants stand up to the force of normal everyday chewing and can last for several years before they need replacing,” says Dr. William Lanza. “Dentists are able to check on the strength and wear of dental sealants during regular checkups and will reapply them when necessary.”

Dr. William Lanza believes with the help of sealants, and with regular brushing and flossing, patients can effectively prevent cavities for most or all of their lives. In addition, he advises all his patients to limit the amount of sugary or acidic foods they eat and to brush their teeth after every meal.

“Deep grooves and fissures in teeth develop early in life, so the sooner that patients can schedule an appointment to receive sealants the better,” says Dr. Wililam Lanza. “Today, they are one of the most effective and low-impact ways to prevent cavities long-term.”