Dr. William Lanza Explains How PRP Therapy Can Vastly Improve Patient Recovery Post-Surgery

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Dr William Lanza Dr William Lanza

Dr. William Lanza of the Dental Institute is dedicated to providing patients the most thorough care in the Bethesda area through state-of-the-art procedures and exceptional staff. Here, he shares how breakthrough PRP therapy can be implemented in dental offices everywhere to expedite patient healing time following surgery.

Though the Dental Institute opened in 2011, Dr. William Lanza has spent decades building an exceptional career guided by the philosophy to provide the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, technical competence, and patient care. He accomplishes this by keeping up-to-date with breakthrough advancements in the dental industry, using the latest tools and resources to meet patients’ growing needs.

He provides high quality preventative, restorative, surgical and cosmetic dental treatment from his offices in Bethesda, which are lauded for providing a caring and highly-professional environment. He acknowledges that comprehensive treatment begins with preventative services and addressing restorative needs, which result in the long-term maintenance of good oral health.

“One of the most recent and quickly-growing developments in dentistry is platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy, which can help heal wounds much more quickly than they would on their own,” says Dr. William Lanza. “It’s a tremendous benefit to both patients and dental professionals, and it’s gaining a lot of traction in the industry.”

In the past, PRP therapy has been used to help heal skin and bones, especially in injured athletes, but its benefit is being introduced in a range of medical facilities across the country. In PRP therapy, a sample of a patient’s blood is taken before being put into a machine utilizing centrifugation to separate blood cells from plasma. The isolated plasma, which is filled with healing agents, is then used in either an injection or topical solution to promote quicker healing.

“The natural growth factors in plasma help heal wounds safely, especially since they are taken directly from the patients’ own blood instead of being supplied from an external source,” says Dr. William Lanza.

PRP therapy promotes tissue repair and accelerates cell regeneration in damaged areas, no matter how severe the wound. Physicians have used PRP as a solution for conditions like arthritis and ligament or tendon sprains. It’s even been used in beauty procedures to restore youthful cells. Additionally, PRP Therapy is proving to be a tremendous benefit in the dental field where it can help patients recover faster following oral surgery. The therapy has proved to be especially useful following tooth extractions and periodontal treatments. Injecting platelet-rich plasma into a wound following extractions and treatments allow dentists everywhere to seal wounds better and more efficiently protect them from infectious agents.

“I think we’ve only scratched the surface of the medical benefits of PRP therapy, and already it’s proving to change the game for patients while allowing dentists to provide even more exceptional care and confidence in their work,” says Dr. William Lanza.