Dr. William Lanza Offers Advanced Dental Procedures to Patients in Maryland

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Dr William Lanza Dr William Lanza

Dr. William Lanza is a premier dentist at the Dental Institute of Bethesda and he’s developed a reputation during his career for the most state-of-the-art resources and procedures available in the industry. Employing advanced dentistry such as implants, Invisalign, and root planing, he meets a range of patient needs quickly and satisfactorily. 


To ensure his offices are equipped to handle most patient concerns, Dr. William Lanza consistently updates the equipment at the Dental Institute of Bethesda. In addition, he regularly attends conferences and trainings to better his own craft and expand his offerings. 


This dedication to advanced procedures and resources allows him to customize treatment plans and craft tailored solutions for his patients, utilizing a variety of breakthrough technology to exceed their expectations. He and his staff are dedicated to providing only high-quality preventative, restorative, surgical and cosmetic dental treatments from their offices. Today, Dr. William Lanza is proud to offer solutions such as Invisalign and dental implants to his patients, which rely on modern technical advances to deliver lasting results. 


“There’s no shortage of options for patients to straighten their teeth, but there are some

procedures that have proven to be far more successful and comfortable than others,” says Dr.

William Lanza. “Invisalign is a clear winner as it safely moves teeth into a straighter position without relying on brackets and wires. It’s highly-effective at straightening teeth, and the

tray can be removed to allow patients to eat and socialize normally whenever they need.”


Many adult patients want to enjoy a straight and healthy smile without having to undergo traditional metal braces. By using advanced Invisalign treatments, Dr. William Lanza can provide his patients exactly what they’re looking for without having to rely on outdated methods to achieve it. 


Not all dentists have received adequate training to offer dental implant procedures, but Dr. Lanza has relied on implants to meet the needs of patients with unhealthy or missing teeth for years. The implants he relies on are industry-certified and function just as normal healthy teeth would, using upgraded materials to provide long lasting solutions.


“People of any age may require implants, and I aim to only deliver results that look and feel

natural for each patient,” says Dr. William Lanza. “They can brush and floss them just as they

would their natural teeth, and the products we use are built for long-term use so there’s no

changing out hardware every 5-10 years like other options.”


Dr. William Lanza has also looked to other advanced procedures to exceed patient expectations such as scaling and root planing, PRP therapy, Botox, specialized root canals and more. He’s dedicated to providing all his patients a beautiful and confident smile, regardless of

the type of care they require. By only using quality products and state-of-the-art resources, he ensures each patient achieves a perfect solution for their individual situation.