Dr. William Lanza Offers Invisalign and Implants at The Dental Institute in Maryland

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Dr William Lanza Dr William Lanza

Staying at the cutting edge of technology and keeping up with the latest advancements in dentistry, Dr. William Lanza has provided exceptional care for decades to his patients in Bethesda, MD. Today, he’s proud to offer sophisticated dental solutions like Invisalign and teeth implants at his offices to meet a variety of patient needs. 


Dr. William Lanza consistently upgrades his offerings to ensure that his offices at The Dental Institute are prepared to handle most patient concerns or issues. He customizes treatment plans and comes up with tailored solutions, utilizing a variety of breakthrough technology to exceed expectations. He and his staff strive to provide high-quality preventative, restorative, surgical and cosmetic dental treatment in a truly state-of-the-art environment.


He’s proud to offer solutions like Invisalign and dental implants to his patients, which rely on modern technical breakthroughs to deliver lasting results. 




“There’s no shortage of options for patients to straighten their teeth, but there are some procedures that have proven to be far more successful and comfortable than others,” says Dr. William Lanza. “Invisalign is a clear winner as it safely moves teeth into a straighter position with time without relying on brackets and wires. It’s highly-effective at straightening teeth, and the tray can be removed to allow patients to eat and socialize normally whenever they need.”


Many times, adult patients want to enjoy a straight, healthy smile but don’t want to have to achieve it through years of metal braces. With Invisalign, they never have to feel self-conscious about their smiles as the aligner trays are clear and removable as-needed. Ideally, patients should wear their aligner trays for most of the day to achieve best results, but they are versatile enough to be removed without drastically affecting the course of treatment. 


“Another exciting component to Invisalign is the lack of food restrictions that are common in other types of braces,” says Dr. William Lanza. “Patients can eat whatever food they feel like during meals; all they have to do is pop trays out while eating and then give their teeth a quick brush before putting trays back in.”


What’s more, Dr. Lanza notes that patients with Invisalign don’t have to alter their oral hygiene regimen since the trays can be removed quickly and easily, allowing them to brush and floss normally.  


Dental Implants


Not all dentists provide dental implant procedures, but Dr. Lanza has relied on implants for years when working with patients who with unhealthy or missing teeth. The dental implants he relies on are industry-certified and fit and function just as normal healthy teeth would. 


“People of any age may require implants, and I aim to only deliver results that look and feel natural for each patient,” says Dr. William Lanza. “They can brush and floss them just as they would their natural teeth, and the products we use are built for long-term use so there’s no changing out hardware every 5-10 years like other options.”


Dr. Lanza is dedicated to providing all his patients a beautiful and confident smile, regardless of the type of care they require. By only using quality products like durable implants and Invisalign trays, he ensures each patient can find the solution that’s perfect for their individual situation.