Dr. William Lanza Offers Patients Lasting and Worry-Free Dental Implants from Offices in Maryland

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Dr William Lanza Dr William Lanza

A leader in the field of dentistry, Dr. William Lanza is dedicated to providing patients with only the most beneficial and proven procedures to address their dental concerns. Below, he helps readers understand how dental implants are extremely useful for people suffering from poor or missing teeth, and how they can trust implant procedures performed at the Dental Institute. 


Dr. William Lanza of Bethesda, Maryland has always delivered exceptional dental care by relying on advanced tools and resources as well as staying up-to-date with the latest industry procedures. He understands concerns over dental implants but is confident that the products he uses are an ideal, long-term solution for patients with missing or damaged teeth. 


“The idea of removing a tooth for an implant, or replacing a missing tooth with one, often seems like a major process that scares many patients away from undergoing the procedure,” says Dr. William Lanza. “However, we perform implants at the Dental Institute regularly and prove that they are a reliable and satisfactory fix to missing teeth or dentures.” 


Today, dental implants are used around the world as an improved alternative to dentures or other false teeth since they are anchored into the jaw and function normally. The products used in the offices of Dr. William Lanza are extremely durable and don’t look out of place among other teeth. They blend seamlessly into patients’ smile and last for years and years, maintaining a reputation as one of the biggest advances in dentistry in the past four decades.


The implants used by Dr. Lanza are made up of titanium and other sturdy substances that are compatible with the human body. Qualified dentists first secure posts in the upper or lower jaw of patients where they function as sturdy anchors for replacement teeth made of quality materials.


“Most of our patients find that our secure dental implants are the perfect replacements for their own teeth,” says Dr. William Lanza. “Generally, patients undergo three easy phases when getting an implant that leave them with an exceptional smile and functional teeth for years to come.” 


To begin, Dr. Lanza places an anchored implant into the jawbone of patients during an in-office procedure, which wraps up the first phase of surgery. Afterward, the bone around the implant heals in a process called osseointegration, the bones growing around the implant to secure it in place. During this time, Dr. Lanza will suggest a diet of extremely soft or cold foods with occasional warm soup. 


Once the implant is completely integrated, surgeons will place the artificial tooth or teeth into the implant. Teeth receive customized replacements called dental crowns that will be based on size, shape, color, and fit, and will be designed to blend in with patients’ other teeth.


“Dental implants look and feel natural, and function much better than worn out teeth for years or even decades later,” says Dr. William Lanza. “There are only a few restrictions depending on each unique situation, so if you are interested in dental implants, it’s a good idea to discuss it carefully with our team.”