Dr. William Lanza Offers Three Key Habits for Cleaner Teeth

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Dr William Lanza Dr William Lanza

A premiere dentist in Maryland, Dr. William Lanza has championed improved procedures and updated tools and resources among his peers for decades, staying at the cutting of technology to meet patient needs in his own offices. Below, he explains a few easy habits patients can use to take control of dental health in between dentist visits.

Dr. William Lanza utilizes breakthrough technology in his offices at the Dental Institute of Bethesda, which has helped him gain a long list of dedicated patients who trust his work over the years. He often encourages other dental offices to upgrade their equipment to the latest in the field as it often means improved results, increased patient satisfaction and comfort, and faster overall procedures.

While the equipment he uses in-office allow him to thoroughly clean and safeguard teeth from harm, he believes a few key rules is all patients need to practice to protect their teeth in between visits.

“The more patients take care of their teeth at home, the less time and money they will likely have to spend at the dentist when they come in for checkups,” says Dr. William Lanza. “The problem is most people don’t know what it is that’s harming their teeth, so they need a little guidance when it comes to cleaning and avoiding tooth damage.”

1. Brush After Every Meal

Dr. William Lanza asks all his patients to brush their teeth at least twice a day with the most important being at night before they go to sleep. However, he suggests brushing your teeth after every meal or snack for best results. Brushing will remove any food or stains stuck to teeth and help avoid plaque buildup around the gums.

2. Buy Enamel-Strengthening Toothpaste

When we eat and drink, unless it’s water, it’s likely that we’re harming our teeth in some way. Many foods contain high amounts of sugar or starch that becomes sugar over time, which is one of the most common ways that bacteria buildup happens. Acidic foods also wear down our enamel and make it harder for the protective coating to repel harmful substances.

Dr. William Lanza tells us that products like Pronamel toothpaste actively strengthens weakened tooth enamel and protects it against erosion with regular use.

3. Avoid Over-the-Counter Whitening Kits

“White teeth are the rage, and who doesn’t want a bright and beautiful smile? The problem is that many whitening kits are bad for your teeth and can harm the enamel just as much or worse than foods high in acid. Talk to your dentist about whitening options in-office or ask their professional opinion on which products are safest to use at home,” says Dr. William Lanza.

These tips, he says, are sure to help anyone improve the health of their teeth without having to schedule any extra work to be done. But, Dr. Lanza still advises that every patient comes in for a cleaning at least once or twice a year to truly maximize their dental health.