Dress for Success with Old-School Business Tricks from Austin Trahern

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Austin Trahern Dress for Success with Old School Business Tricks Austin Trahern Dress for Success with Old School Business Tricks

Dress for Success with Old-School Business Tricks from Austin Trahern

The way that a person dresses dictates the first impression those around them receive. That is why Austin Trahern insists that in business, attire is amply important.

Austin Trahern

Freedom of expression is wonderful; it allows people to showcase who they truly are and what they believe in. However, this freedom also gives others an impression of you. Whether people intend to pass judgment or not, the way we look often indicates whether we will be successful or fail. This is especially true when it comes to business dealings.

Austin Trahern understands that there is far more to the business dress code than what might be readily apparent. Especially when it comes to impressing those who have acquired old-world wealth, there is a culture affixed to attire. Unfortunately, this culture is not always simple or bound to the typical suit and tie persona. Therefore, Austin Trahern explains a few old-school business tricks that will help you truly dress for success.

Know the Dress Code

Society has standards for every situation. The dress code is probably the most obvious example. Yet, improper attire is often the shove that propels people off the cliff, to failure. Looking the part is not only important for actors; it is important for everyone. Keeping that in mind, it is important to know that different occasions come with different standards. For instance, if you meet your boss at the office, you are likely going to wear a suit and tie/skirt or dress. However, if you meet them at the golf course, there is likely a different quality of dress requirements. While you still should not dawn sweatpants and flipflops, business-casual attire is more appropriate. Being overdressed is pretentious and therefore, makes you look bad. Instead, you want to blend in, so make sure you know the dress code for every situation.

Wear a Watch

Wearing a watch gives the impression you are aware of time. This symbolism incorporates the wearer’s awareness of their time as well as the time of others. Time is money. This is especially true in America; time and punctuality are extremely important. By wearing a watch, you are giving the impression that you understand this importance and are professional enough to understand its importance.

Also, having a watch does help you be more punctual, as it is always on your wrist and easily accessible. Watches help people be more aware of time. Thus, they are more accountable.

Shine Your Shoes

Look at someone’s shoes. Shoes, more than any other piece of attire, will give onlookers a snapshot of who that person is. There are many types of footwear, used for many purposes. Yet, there is also the state of the footwear; are they old, new, dirty, clean. Plus, it can tell you if the person is acting within their comfort zone. If the shoes seem to be worn effortlessly, the person is usually genuine in their appearance. However, if the person seems uncomfortable in the shoes, they are trying to change something about themselves.

When a person wears nice shoes to an occasion; shined and cleaned, but not new, it shows comfortability. It shows that the person is experienced in their craft. The person knows what to wear, for whom, and how to handle whatever they are doing.

To close, attire completes the whole package; the measure of a person. Succeeding in business is dictated by presence. While this has a great deal to do with the presence of mind, a person’s physical presence also greatly affects an outcome. By using these old-school business tricks to dress for success, you will be setting yourself up to impress.