Dustin Mark McNeer Shares 5 Reasons for Working Out Glutes

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Dustin Mark McNeer Dustin Mark McNeer

Personal trainer, Dustin Mark McNeer, explains why building strength in your glutes goes farther than aesthetics.

If you’re getting back in shape, you may be neglecting your glutes! Many people skip over glute exercises because they don’t care about building a big booty. However, that can result in some serious consequences. Dustin Mark McNeer, a certified personal trainer and registered dietitian, explains that glutes are the foundation of your body. And just like your core, glutes must be activated and strengthened to keep your body in proper physical form. Here are five physical benefits from working out your glutes.

1. Proper Alignment

Sitting at your desk all day can make your glutes weak, which in turn causes your pelvis to shift forward. Dustin Mark McNeer explains that the forward movement encourages your quadriceps to do all the work during movement. Over time, more problems in alignment arise. As hips come forward, shoulders begin to round inward, and the head juts forward. Plus, Dustin Mark McNeer notes that quadriceps dominance can also contribute to knee, foot, back, and neck pain. Strengthening your glute muscles can get rid of a wide range of bodily aches and pains!

2. Increased Energy

It’s much easier to maintain a better posture when your body is aligned correctly. Having good posture not only improves your stature, but also reduces headaches and strain on joints. Dustin Mark McNeer explains that posture can also contribute to better digestion since there is less compression in the stomach area. When your body isn’t working extra hard to compensate for poor posture, you’ll have more energy overall.

3. Mobility

As you are starting to see, building glute muscles provides benefits that are all interconnected. It starts to create a positive cycle where one benefit builds off the other. By strengthening glutes, you achieve better body alignment, which leads to more energy, allowing you to increase activity and repeat. Dustin Mark McNeer goes on to explain that without quad dominance, your hips will be better supported. You’ll experience less tightness in your hips and shoulders overall, boosting mobility and joint health.

4. Lower Body Fat

Surprisingly, glutes are the most massive muscle in your body! As you build lean muscle, you will also decrease body fat percentage. Dustin Mark McNeer explains that the more muscle mass you have, the more effective you’ll be at burning calories. Even if you aren’t after a bigger booty, you will still benefit from being at a healthier weight.

5. Spinal Stability

Finally, having strong glutes gives you the ability of quick and powerful movements. The muscle group is responsible for explosive activities like sprinting, jumping, and changing direction. All that movement means your spine will need support, the kind of support only glutes can provide. When your body is moving and functioning as it should, you will be at less risk for developing an injury while at the same time reducing your chances of having pain and discomfort. Dustin Mark McNeer believes that everyone, no matter their age or athletic abilities, can benefit from having stronger leg muscles.